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NC Ag Tools Part 1

Making a 45 degree turn with pipe 45 pipe elbow
Making a 90 degree turn with pipe 90 pipe elbow
Making a 90-degree turn with galvanized pipe when threads are 90 street elbow
Turning various size nuts and bolts Adjustable wrench
Turning hex head socket screws Allen wrench
Cutting sheet metal Aviation snips
Hammering metal Ball pain hammer
Bar clamp Clamping large sections of wood together
Bent nose pliers Reaching obstructive or awkward places
Bolt cutters Cutting bolts and steel rods
Bolt die Cutting threads on bolts and rods
Bolt die stock Holder for bolt die
Bolt tap Cutting inside threads
Box end wrench Turning hex head nuts and bolts
Brick jointer Smoothing and designing masonry joints
Brick trowel Placing and spreading mortar
Bulb planter Planting and transplanting bulbs
Bush axe Cutting bushes and under growth
Butt hinge Hinge for narrow fencing
C clamp Clamping two or more pieces of metal together
Carriage bolt Used for bolting wood to wood or wood to metal
Castrator Tool for sterilizing small animals
Center punch Starting holes in metal
Chain saw file Sharpening chain saw chain
Chalk line reel Marking straight lines
Chipping hammer Removing slag from welds
Circuit breaker Protection from overload in electrical circuits
Circular carbide saw blade Blade for use on a portable electric saw
Cold chisel Cutting metal
Combination oil stone For sharpening and honing cutting tools
Combination square Determining 45° and 90° angles
Combination wrench Turning hex and square nuts and bolts
Common nail For nailing boards together where holding power is desired
Compass Drawing circles
Compass saw Cutting wood in close places
Concrete finishing trowel Smoothing concrete
Concrete float Leveling concrete
Coping saw Cutting curves and irregular cuts
Cordless drill Drilling holes with a tool that uses a battery pack
Countersink Flaring top of hole for recessing head for flathead screw or bolt
Cutting torch Cutting metal with heat
Deep socket Turning nuts and bolts in depressed areas
Dehorner Removing horns from cattle
Diagonal cutting pliers Surface and diagonal wire cutting
Drift punch Aligning holes
Drill press vise Holding stock while drilling
Duplex receptacle Used to plug in electrical units
Dust mask Protects the respiratory system from airborne particles
Ear tagger Labels individual animals for identification
Electrical multimeter Performs various tests on electrical circuits
Emery dresser Smoothing face of grinding wheel
Created by: wmhill