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med term CH 5-8

aliment/o alimentary canal
gastrointestinal system or tract
uvul/o uvula, thing hanging in the back of your throat
mandibul/o jaw
LES lower esophageal sphincter
medull/o medulla, inner portion of the kidney
fund/o fundus, on top of
rug/o rugae
duoden/o duodenum, first part of small intestines
jejun/o jejunum, middle (second part) of small intestines
ile/o illeum, bottom of small intestines (distal part)
cec/o cecum, first part of large instetine
sphincter ring of muscle
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon, S-shaped part of large intestine next to rectum
rect/o rectum
an/o anus, final sphincter in GI tract
proct/o anus and rectum
adnexa accessory organs
bil/i, chol/e bile
choledoch/o common bile duct, bottom of stomach next to duodenum
pancreat/o pancreas, located next to stomach and gallbladder
cholecyst/o gallbladder
eructation belching
singultus hiccup
-pepsia process of digestion
halit/o breath
pyr/o fire
-emesis vomiting
N&V nausea and vomiting
-chezia fecal matter
melena dark stool
IBS irritable bowel syndrome
syndrome it's there, unknown why
flatus gas
lueko/o white
-plakia top of tongue
pyo- pus
-occlusion blockage
-phagia swallowing
GERD gastroespophageal reflux disease
PUD peptic ulcer disease
peptic stomach
glycos/o glucose, sugar
fissure crack
abcess destroyed tissue
pruritus itching
ulcer tissue breaks down and makes hole
fistula breaking down
volv/ulus twisting of the intestines
angi/o blood vessels
leio/o smooth muscle
carcinoma malignant tumor
BE barium enema
BaS barium swallow
fluor/o continual viewing
sono sound
culture trying to grow bacteria
para- near, beside
-emetics vomiting
voiding peeing
nephr/o, ren/o kidney
vesic/o, cyst/o urinary bladder, sac that stores urine
trigon/o trigone, area between ureters coming in and urethra going out in the sac that stores urine
cortic/o cortex, outside
glomerul/o glomerulus, tiny balls of renal capillaries
-uria urinary condition
azot/o nitrogen
edema swelling
UTI urinary tract infection
-sepsis infection
nephr/o kidney
-stalsis contraction
proct/o anus and rectum
mandibul/o lower jaw
maxill/o upper jaw
bol/o bolus
lingu/o tongue
cheil/o labi/o lips
bucc/o cheek
sialaden/o salivary gland
sial/o saliva
corpor/o body
ilium part of the hip bone
ileus general term for obstruction
plic/o fold
vill/o villus, absorbs products of carbs and protein digestion
celi/o abdomen
-cele herniation
lumin/o tubular cavity
enter/o small intestines
pylor/o muscle between stomach and and first part of small intestines
appendic/o structure hanging from cecum
ana- up, apart
lob/o lobe
cholangi/o bile vessel
-kinin movement
-crine to secrete
dental caries tooth decay
aphthous stomatitis canker sore
dental plaque material that coats teeth
malocclusion abnormal bite
leuk/o white
-plakia condition of patches
polyp growth on mucus membranes
paralytic ileus lack of peristaltic movement in the intestines
fistula abnormal channel that forms between organs or outside of the body
intussusception inward telescoping of the intestines
peritone/o membrane that lines the abdominal cavity
perone/o fibula
perine/o perineum, space between anus and external reproductive organs
pruritus ani itching of skin around the anus
Crohn disease idiopathic inflammation of ileum or colon
IBD Irritable Bowel Disease, erosion of intestinal lining with bleeding and diarrhea
divertcul/o divertculum, pouches in the lining of the small or large intestine
anorectal abscess circumscribed area of purulent material in the distal end of the digestive tract
-centesis removal of fluid
lapar/o abdomen
anastomosis joining of two hollow tubes or organs
enema introduction of solution into the rectum for therapeutic purposes
ligation tying off of a blood vessel
-stoma artificial opening
hemi- half
EGD esophagogastrodudenoscopy
GGT gamma-glutamyl transferase
GI gastrointestinal
HAV hepatitis A virus
HBV hepatitis B virus
Lap laparscopy
LES lower esophageal sphincter
PEG percutaneous endoscopic gastrotomy
PUD peptic ulcer disease
urea chemical waste product
chym/o juice
meat/o meatus, opening of the urethra
strom/o stromal tissue, supportive tissue
retro- backward
calic/o, cal/i calyx, extension of the muscular tubes that move urine
hil/o hilum, location on the kidney where ureter and renal vein leave kidney and the renal artery enters
renal pertaining to the kidney
calc/o calcium
urethr/o urethra, tube connecting urine out of the bladder
pyopyelectasis dilation of the renal pelvis caused by an accumulation of pus
-iasis presence of
corpuscles any small mass of body
vesicoureteral reflux backward flow of urine from the bladder towards the kidney
-cele herniation
blood urea nitrogen lab test done to measure nitrogenous waste
GFR glomerular filtration rate, test to measure the amount of blood filtered by the glomeruli
creatinine clearance test test comparing the concentration of nitrogenous waste in the urine of 24 hours
intravenous urography radiographic imaging of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder done with contrast medium
calcul/o stone
-pexy suspension
ARF acute renal failure
BUN blood urea nitrogen
CAPD continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
CKD chronic kidney disease
DI diabetes insipidus
DM diabetes mellitus
ESRD end-stage renal disease
ESWL extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy
GFR glomerular filtration rate
GN glomerulonephritis
HD hemodialysis
IVU intravenous urography
KUB kidney, ureter, and bladder
pH acidity/alkalinity
SG specific gravity
TCC transitional cell carcinoma
UA urinalysis
VCUG voiding cystourethrography
andr/o male
test/o, testicul/o testicle
orchi/o, orchid/o, orch/o testicle
ster/o steroid
-one substance that forms
-genesis production
pen/i, phall/o penis
vesicul/o seminal vesicle
ureter/o ureter
scrot/o scrotum
preputi/o prepuce (foreskin), outside head area of penis
balan/o glans penis, inside head area of penis
phimosis tightening of the foreskin
-spadias tear
testicular torsion twisting of a testicle on spermatic cord
dorsum top
gynec/o female
mast/o breast
gynecomastia enlargement of breast tissue in a male
varic/o varices, veins of the spermatic cord
nonseminoma majority of germ cell tumors
teratoma synonym is dermoid cyst
Leydig and Sertoli cell tumors benign tumors that arise from testicular stromal tissue
DRE digital rectum exam, insertion of a gloved finger to palpate the prostate
FTA-ABS florescent treponemal antibody absortion test, definitive test for diagnosing syphilis
Gram stain test used to diagnose gonorrhea
PSA prostate-specific antigen, blood test for prostatic hypertrophy
VDRL Venereal Disease Research Laboratory, test for syphilis
castration removal of both gonads
ablation destruction of tissue
circumcision removal of prepuce
sterilization rendering barren
TURP transurethral resection of the prostate
BPH benign prosatic hyperplasia/hypertrophy
Gc gonococcus
Condyloma Wartlike growths around the anus, vulva, or glans penis
HPV human papilloma virus, family of more than 100 viruses that are responsible for causing warts
GU genitourinary
o/o, ov/o, ov/ie ovum, female germ cell
-arche beginning
-pause stop, cease
hyster/o, uter/o uterus
metri/o, metr/o uterus
salping/o, -salpinx fallopian tube
ovul/o egg
-ation process of
culd/o rectouterine pouch, space in pelvic cavity between the urterus and rectum
Douglas' culd-de-sac rectouterine pouch, space in pelvic cavity between the urterus and rectum
colp/o vagina
cervic/o the neck of the uterus
vulv/o, episi/o vulva, external female genitalia
bartholin/o Bartholin gland, paired glands in the vulva that secrete a mucous lubricant for the vagina
thel/e, papill/o nipple
gravid/o, -gravida, -cyesis pregnancy
fet/o fetus
amni/o, amnion/o, -amnios amnion, inner sac that encircles the embryo
chori/o, chorion/o chorion, outer sac that encircles the embryo
placent/o placenta, highly vascular structure that acts as a communication between mother and embryo
umbilic/o, omphal/o navel
part/o, -para, -partum, -tocia labor
primi- first
nulli- none
an- without
endometri/o endometrium, inner layer of the uterus
-ia condition of
poly- excessive, many
hydr/o fluid
amniocentesis removal of amniotic fluid for diagnostic testing
clitorid/o clitoris
oophor/o ovary
oxy- rapid
EDD estimated delivery date, baby is due
hCG human chorionic gonaadotropin, pregnancy hormone
PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome, multiple cysts on delivery
OCP oral contraceptive pill, birth control medication
PMB postmenopausal bleeding, bleeding after menopause
D&C dilation and curettage, removal of uterine lining
TAH-BSO total abdominal hysterectomy with a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, removal of uterus, oviducts, and ovaries
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