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Fenbendazole, Albendazole Panacur, Valbazen Antinematodal-Benzimidoles Not approved for use in cats Interferes with worms energy on a cellular basis
Dichlorvos Task Antinematodal-Organophosphates Group of insectacides-causes paralysis SLUDGE
What does SLUDGE stand for? (Organophosphate toxicity) Salivation, lacrimation, urination, defecation, GI upset, emesis
What is the antidote for organophosphate toxicity? Atropine
Pyrantel pamoate Nemex, Strongid-T Antinematodal-Tetrohydropyrimidines #1 dewormer for puppies and kittens
Levamisole Levamisole, Tramisole Antinematodal-Imidazothiazoles Good for exotics Adverse effect: foaming at the mouth
Ivermectin Heartgard, Heartgard+, Ivomec Antinematodal-Avermectin Dogs/cats-heartworms and mites Lg animal-many intestinal worms
Moxidectin Antinematodal-Avermectin Dogs-heartworms Lg animal-many intestinal worms
Piperazine Pip-pop Tabs Antinematodal-other Combined with lg animals dewormers
Pyrantel pamoate/praziquantel/fenbantel Drontal Plus Antinematodal-other Dogs/Cats-whips, rounds, hooks, and tapeworms
Albendazole Valbazen Antitrematodal Cattle: Liver flukes and other intestinal worms
Praziquantel Droncit Antitrematodal Dogs: Lung flukes and tapeworms
Sulfadimethoxine Albon Antiprotozoal Tx coccidia in dogs/cats
Metronidazole Flayl Antiprotozoal Tx giardia
Melarsomine Dihydrochloride Immiticide Adulticide Tx for heartworms No longer being made=prevention is key! Deep lumbar injections=painful
Imidicloprid+Moxidectin Advantage Multi Heartworm Preventative Monthly-topical
Milbemycin oxime Interceptor Heartworm Preventative Monthly-oral
Milbemycin oxime+Lufeneron Sentinel Heartworm Preventative and flea control Monthly-oral
Moxidectin Proheart Heartworm Preventative Injectable-6mo
Selamectin Revolution Heartworm Preventative, flea control, mites, hooks and rounds Monthly-topical
What type of dip will kill cats? Organophosphate
Fipronil+Methoprene Frontline+ Monthly-topical Fleas and ticks
Imidacloprid Advantage and Advantage II Monthly-topical Fleas
Imidacloprid+Permethrin K9 Advantix Monthly-topical Dogs only! Will kill cats!
Lufeneron Program Monthly-oral or 6mo injectable for cats fleas
Spinosad Comfortis Monthly-oral Fleas
Pyrethrin Insectacides Kill quickly Shampoos/foggers/dips--be careful with!
Nitenpyram Capstar Fleas Oral-only works for 24hrs Starts working in 30 min
Insect growth regulators (IGRs) Methoprene, Fenoxycarb Flea collars
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