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Animal Handling: Equ

What are the components of the buffy coat? White blood cells and platelets
Name the components of the centrifuged blood-clotting tube. Liquid, buffy coat, red blood cells
What is anemia? Decrease Hct(hematocrit) and or R.B.C.
What is an increased number of neutrophils called? Neutrophilia
What is a decreased number of neturophils called? Neutropenia
Name two functions of platelets. Maintain vessel walls, patch holes, form clots
What is the purpose of a neturophil? first responders to chemotactic stimuli in the body
What are lymphocytes? White blood cells, second defense
Monocytes are commonly found when a horse has what condition? A chronic infection
Basophils aid in what to a vet? Allergic of parasite diseases
Eosinophils help get rid of what kind of problems? Allergic stimulation and irritating stimulation
What substance is a sensitive indicator of inflammation? Fibrinogen
What are the cellular components of blood? Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets
Describe plasma. Protein rich, liquid portion of the blood. 90% water
Serum = plasma - clotting proteins
Tetanus Anti-toxin Give to an animal that has recently been exposed to a puncture would and the immunization status is unknown
Tetanus Toxoid Give to an animal as part of its yearly vaccination
Advantages of injecting in the neck. Easy, safe
What structures lie in the jugular furrow? jugular vein, carotid artery, parasympathetic nerve trunk, and esophagus
The largest RBC reservoir is in which organ? Spleen
What percentage of the horse's body is blood? 8%
The average 1000 lb horse has how much blood? 36 L
How much blood can be lost in a 24 hour period before the horse goes into shock? 25-30% of its blood
The three T's Time, Trauma, Trash
What is proud flesh excessive granulation tissue
What causes proud flesh motion of wound, lack of blood supply, and lack of surrounding soft tissue
How can you prevent proud flesh? Immobilize wound, bandage, cast, splint
How do you treat proud flesh? Surgical removal or topical oinment
What is dehiscence? When the wound falls apart
Tetanus prevention is most easily done by what? Tetanus vaccination
What is interference? The front or hind limb hitting the other one
What term is used when a horse hits the sole of the front foot with the toe of the hind foot on the same side? Forging
In what gait/breed is crossfiring most commonly seen? Standardbrd/ trot
Define the word hypsodont continually erupting, long body, little root
Name the three surfaces of the tooth Lingual, occlusal and buccal
At what year do the I2s come in 3.5 years
What is another name for bridle teeth? Canines
At what age is a horse smooth mouthed? 11
At what age is a horse full mouthed? 5
Molars begin erupting at what age? 9-12 months
The dental formula for adult teeth is. 2 [I (3/3) C (0-1/0-1) P(3-4/3-4) M 3/3)= 36-44
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