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First 2 Weeks VT1220

What type of microscope is needed to detect viruses? Electron microscope
What dzs are identified thru antigen testing? ELISA tests for FELV, Parvo, influenza, HW
During the course of a dz, when is an animal most likely to transmit the dz and why? When febrile, that is when the most microorganisms are present
Name two serological tests that are used for surveillence. Coggins, bovine leukosis
What is a nosocomial infection? Obtained at a hospital
What are the most common agents for nosocomial infections? Step and Staph
Where on/in the animal do most nosocomial infections occur? Respiratory tract and sx incisions
What are some highly infections nosocomial viral infections? K9 distemper, K9 Parvo, Panleukopenia, and respiratory infections Others: FELV and EIA thru blood transfusions
What are some nosocomial protozoans? Toxoplasmosis, Cryptosporidium, Anaplasma, Babesia
When collecting diagnostic samples for testing, what are things that as a technician we have to take into consideration? Stage of the dz, the normal flora that may be present, and was appropriate collection device used
What is the difference between aeroebic and anaerobic bacteria/ Aerobic needs to grow in the presence of air and anaerobic needs to go without air
what are the 6 things that need to be on a specimen before it is delivered to a lab? Pt name, species, case # or owner, DVM, source, additional hx for lab
Culture media allows for what type of growth? Isolated colonies
MaConkey agar is very similar to what part of the body and why? Intestines, it is similar to bile salts
What is the ideal temperature to incubate agar plates at? 35 degrees C
How long should you incubate an agar plate before looking at it? 15-24hrs
What gram positive cocci bacteria is commonly found in pyogenic wounds? Staphylococcus
What gram positive rod bacteria is usually isolated from deep wounds with tissue necrosis like a compound fracture or is associated with enteritis/diarrhea in dogs? Clostridium
What rod bacterial causes abscesses and pneumonia in foals? Rhoddococcus
This gram negative bacteria is commonly isolated from the GI tract and is considered normal flora. Enterobacteria
Proteus is commonly seen in what type of infection? Urinary
Pasturella is a gram negative bacteria frequently found in what? Abscesses in cats
What gram negative bacteria is commonly found in ear infections and has a distinct odor? Pseudomonas
What is the most common bacteria responsible for kennel cough? Bordetella bronchiseptica
What is the name of the venerial dz in dogs that can cause infertility and spontaneous abortion? Brucellosis
Porphyromonas is a gram negative bacteria commonly found in what canine dz? Periodontal
Name two common spirochetes seen in veterinary practice. Leptospira and B. burgdorferi
What is the scientific name for Ringworm? Dermatophytes
Ringworm is _________________ seeking. Keratin
What media is best for diagnosing Ringworm? DTM
Define intermediate host. Harbors the immature or asexual stages of the parasite.
Define definitive host. Harbors the mature or sexual stages of the parasite.
Define myiasis Maggots
What are the two "true bugs" we learned about in class? Reduvid bugs, aka kissing bugs and Bed bugs
Define periodic bug Go back and forth to feed off the animal, leave oozing wounds
What are the two types of lice? Mallophagia (chewing), Anoplura (sucking)
The life cycle of lice contains what 3 stages? Egg, nymph, adult
What is the fancy name for a lice infestation? Pediculosis
Scientific name for horseflys Tabanus spp
Scientific name for deerflys Chrysops spp
Scientific name for stable fly Stomoxys
Scientific name for the face fly Musca autumnalis
Which type of fly is responsible for the transmission of pink eye? Face fly
Scientific name for Rabbit bots Cuterebra
Scientific name for sheep nasal bots Oestrus ovis
What are the 4 stages of the flea lifecycle? Egg, larvae, pupae, adult
What stage in the flea lifecycle cannot be irradicated? Pupae
What are the two different skin mites we see in veterinary practice? Demodex and Scabies
Demodex is common to see in what type of animals? Malnurished, immunocompromised, white pitbulls
Out of the two mites, which is the hardest to diagnose and why./ Scabies bc they burrow into the epidermis
What are the two types of Demodex? Generalized and localized
What is the treatment for Demodex or Scabies Ivermectin!!!
What is otodectes cyanotis? Ear mites
What tick transmits B. bigmeia? Boophilus annalatus
Created by: lsondermann



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