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Livestock test 3

livestock repro test 3 review

What gives an agent the ability to synchronize estrous? Any agent able to block estrous.
What hormone decreases immediately following ovulation? Estrogen
What hormone increases immediately following ovulation? P4
How do prostaglandins work? They regress the CL
How does freezing and thawing affect sperm cells? 2/3 are lost upon thawing.
In the cow at what part of the estrous cycle does estrogen peak? Proestrus immediately before ovulation
In the cow at what part of the estrous cycle does P4 peak? Increases rapidly after ovulation peaks about day 9-10
In the cow at what part of the estrous cycle does LH & FSH peak? 12-18hrs before ovulation -preovulatory surge-
Can the blood supply to the fetus be felt? Yes, through the uterine artery in the broad ligament
At what day of gestation are the cotyledons large enough to be palpated? Day 90-120
During what days of pregnancy must you be careful not to mistake the bladder for pregnancy? Around day 60
Can some synchronization protocols waste synchronizing drugs? Yes
when is the best time to use prostaglandins? During the luteal phase day 12-15 is prime
what part of the fetus is most often felt when palpating? The head
What can you mix in with feed to synchronize estrus? MGA, a progestin
What is the most popular A.I technique? Recto vaginal insemination
Reasons why producers synchronize estrous? Uniform calf crops,permit manager to schedule breeding and calving, maximize use of facilities and labor, reduce heat detection, shorten breeding season, enhance the use of A.I, enhancing the use of ET
What happens to the uterus as pregnancy progresses? It thins
While preg checking, when must one be careful of injuring the fetus? before day 50
When are the best conception rates achieved with A.I? 12 hour rule breed during the middle to end of standing heat.
when are most mistakes made during preg checking because a fetus can not be felt? Day 170-230
A.I techniques for sheep? Transcervical
Conditions that may lead a palpator to believe an open cow is bred Metritis, pyometras, mummified fetus
Ways to detect pregnancy in sheep? day 90-130 ballotment (with hold food for 24hrs bounce belly), palpation, inner rectal probe, ultrasound (after 60 days), p4 concentrations in the blood.
Describe a synchronization protocol including feed Modified 7-11 days 1-7 feed MGA, day 7 administer prostagladins, day 11 give GnRH, Day 18 give prostaglandins, day 20 give GnRH and inseminate
Techniques for preg checking ultrasound, hormone analysis, palpation, absence of estrous cycle.
When is the best time to breed after standing heat? 12 hours, catches the cow in the middle to the end of her heat cycle. Ideally the egg and sperm should reach the ampulla about the same time.
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