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VTI Anesthesia I: ET

ET Intubation

A flexible tube placed inside the trachea of an anesthetized patient used to transfer gases directly from the anesthetic machine into the lungs. Endotracheal Tube
ET Intubation improves ..... oxygenation
ET Intubation prevents ..... atelectasis (collapsed lung[s])
ET Intubation allows for .... med delivery in emergency situations and ventilation. also encourages proper examination of oral cavity and throat
have a beveled end and a murphy eye and may or may not have a cuff. Murphy tubes
Have no cuff or side hole, but decrease in diameter at the patient end (birds and reptiles. also neonates as well as other exotic animals due to the delicate trachea) cole tubes
cuffed or uncuffed with no hole at the tip magill
creates a seal between the tube and the trachea cuff
The tube lumen is expressed in .... mm
The tube length is expressed in ... cm
Device that is used to increase visibility of the larynx when placing an ET tube laryngoscope
what does PPV stand for positive pressure ventilation
two types of laryngoscope blades Macintosh (curved) or miller (straight)
ET intubation is for maintenance of inhalant anesthesia and to maintain airway. it is also used for patients with >>> respiratory or cardiac arrest
Cats tend to have ______ more than other species laryngospasms
______ is used to prevent laryngospasms lidocaine
Cats typical need a __-___mm tube 3-4.5mm
A 20kg dogs will need a ___-___mm tube 9.5-10
The tip of the tube will sit between the _____ ____ and the _____. thoracic inlet and the larynx
Procedure for intubation Hold behind the canines, extend the head and neck toward the person intubating. the restrainer typically holds the tongue
horses should be positioned for intubation .... in lateral recumbancy with the head back and the neck extended
the tube can be tied... over the muzzle, behind the ears, or below the mandible.
the cuff prevents ... aspiration, waste gas, problems maintaining dept at a normal concentration
over inflation of the cuff may cause ... tracheal necrosis or rupture
under inflation of the cuff may result in ... aspiration, inadequate depth or contamination
the most common complication is ... placement of the tube into the esophagus instead of the trachea.
Brachycephalic breeds (extubation) ... delay extubation until fully concious and able to maintain a free airway
Normal patients delay extubation until C+ or swallowing
Once extubated place the patient in ... sternal recumbancy with the neck extended
Vinyl tube PVC, transparent, stiff, cuff requires manual deflate, is easy on the trachea, fogging.
Red Rubber Flexible, prone to kinking, absorb disinfectants, cuff automatically deflates, high pressure
Silicone expensive, manual deflation, less irritating to tissues, easiest on the trachea
Spiral Specialized rubber tubes that contain a coil of metal or nylon embedded into the rubber designed to resist kinking or collapse
Created by: jmorley3