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District FFA 2012

District II Area III

What provided funds for agriculture to be taught in public schools? Smith-Hudghes National Vocational Educational Act of 1917
What state first had a Future Farmers organization? Virginia
Who was Aurthur Elise of New Waverly? The first Future Farmers of Texas President
Who was Howard Strother? The first Texas FFA President
Who was the "father of Future Farmers" E.R. Alexander
What court case upheld segregation? Plessy vs. Ferguson
What court case said that separate schools were inherently unequal? Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education
What year did FFA and NFA join? 1965
Who was the last NFA state president under segregation? A. D. Pinson of Neches
Who was the first black Texas FFA President as well as National officer and when? Fred McClure of San Augustine 1972
Who was the first hispanic Texas FFA president? Aaron Alejandro of the Boys Ranch Chapter
What were females allowed to due prior to 1969? be a sweetheart or a typist
Who moved to allow females to be members in FFA? Texas FFA President Bill Sarpalius 1968
Who was the first female state officer? Becky Leake of Sherman
Who was the first female state president? Erica Clark of Mansfield 1991
When did Texas FFA start engaging their alumni? 1936
Who can be a member of the Gold Key Club? Past state and American degree recipiants
What is Younge Farmers of Texas (1953) known as today? Texas FFA Alumni Association
When was the Texas FFA Alumni Association created? 1971
Who was the first Alumni President? E.C. “Dick” Weekly
Who was the first Collegiate FFA president? Vanessa Brossman of Sam Houston State University
When were Collegiate FFA chapters given their own constitution? 2003
Who made The Texas FFA Foundation possible due to their donation? C. J. “Red” Davidson
Who was the first chairman of the Texas FFA Foundation Board of Directors? Jay Eudy 1987
Who teamed up to underwrite a significant portion of the 78th Texas FFA Convention in Fort Worth, 79th in Corpus Christi, and 80th in Lubbock as part of a three-year commitment? Justin Brands and Farm Credit Banks of Texas
Who was the state's first title co-sponsors? The Texas FFA Foundation in 2006
When did the Texas FFA Foundation start the Capital Campaign and with how much? at the 74th Texas FFA Convention in Fort Worth in 2002 with $15mil
Who became the catalyst for the development of the agriscience fair scholarship program and is one of the leading individual contributors to the Texas FFA Foundation? Former Texas FFA President and National Officer Jim Prewitt, now a prominent Dallas-area nurseryman
Who made Texas FFA history by becoming the Texas FFA Foundation’s all-time leading contributor with gifts totaling more than $1.5 million? Richard Wallrath
What does the Texas Education Agency do? provides leadership for all of Texas education
Who is the head of the Texas Education Agency? State Education Commissioner Robert Scott
Who chairs the state board of education? Barbara Cargill of The Woodlands
Who is the leadership member for Texas agricultural education? Ronald Whitson
Who serves as the president of the Texas FFA Alumni Association? Kelly White of Del Valle
What is Texas Education Code Section 29.182? an integral part of the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Career and Technical Education program
What is a "membership year"? September 1st - August 31st
When are membership fees due for fall semester? November 1st
When are memberhsip fees due for spring semester? Marst 1st
What is the affiliation fee model program? allows chapters to pay an affiliation fee based on total instructional program enrollment, plus other non-enrolled members
When was the affiliation fee model program started? 2009
When is the membership deadline for delegate count? March 10th
What is required by Texas FFA from a student to be able to compete? they must have to be enrolled in an ag class
What is required to be in the Junior FFA Program? third grade and eight years old
When do junior FFA member fees due? December 1st
What is a requirement to be an Alumni Member? be a supporter of agricultural education and the FFA
What is the Texas FFA’s primary leadership development vehicle? local Chapters
Who must have their state degree? People trying out for State office
Who was the fist National Officer from texas? Roy Martin of Cotulla in 1936-37
Who is the most recent Texas FFA member to serve as National Officer? Randa Braune of Bellvill in 2009-2010
How many delegates were there at the 2010 National Convention? How many were from Texas? 475,59
When does the national delegate process start? long before convention
What is the grassroots process? where any member has the opportunity to have an issue or idea to be considered at the national level
What is peer instruction? "learning to do"
How many area officers are there? 74
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