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ABS-Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene High impact strength, good toughness with good strength, scratch resistant, lightweight and durable. Uses-Kitchen products, phone cases, toys, safety helmets.
CA- Cellulose Acetate Tough and rigid, lightweight with good strength, transparent and non flammable. Uses-Photographic film, handles for cutlery and frames for glasses.
Nylon-Polyamide Hard, tough, resistance to wear Uses-Bearings, gears, curtain rail fittings and clothing
PMMA(PolyMethylMethAcrylate)- Acrylic Food-safe, tough, hard, durable and easily machined Uses-Light units, illuminated signs and lens for car lights
PP-Polypropylene Lightweight, food-safe, good impact resistance even at low temperatures and good chemical resistance Uses-Kitchen products, Medical equipment, string and rope
HIPS-High Impact Polystyrene Good impact resistance, good strength and stiffness, lightweight. Uses-Toys and refrigerator linings.
PS-Polystyrene Lightweight, rigid, colourless and low impact strength. Uses-Packaging disposable cups/plates and containers.
Extended Polystyrene Floats, good sound and heat insulator, lightweight and low strength. Uses-Packaging, disposable cups, sound and heat insulation.
LDPE-Low Density Polyethylene Low density (lightweight), Low stiffness and rigidity, good chemical resistance. Uses-Detergent bottles, toys and carrier bags. Uses-Detergent bottles, toys and carrier bags.
HDPE-High Density Polyethylene High Density, good stiffness, good chemical resistance. Uses-Crates, bottles, buckets and bowls
uPVC-Polyvinyl Good chemical resistance, good resistance to weathering, rigid, hard, tough, lightweight can be coloured. Uses-Pipes, guttering, bottles and window frames.
PVC (un-practised flexible) Polyvinyl Chloride Good chemical resistance, good resistance to weathering, rigid, hard, tough, light weight and can be coloured. Uses-Flexiable hoses, hoses pipes and cable insulation.
PET-PolyethyleneTerephthalate Moderate chemical resistance. Uses-Clothing, Electrical plugs and sockets, audio and video tapes and insulation tapes.
PC-Polycarbonate Good chemical resistance, expensive material. Uses-Safety glasses, Safety helmets, Hairdryer bodies, telephone parts