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Med Term- Bones

Medical Terminology- Bones

Hard outer shell of bone Compact
Inner, spongy, lattice-like structure of bone Cancellous
Shaft of a long bone Diaphysis
Ends of long bones Epiphysis
Growth plates Epiphysial plates
Innermost portion of bone Medullary cavity
Tough, fibrous, vascular membrane covering the outside of the bone Periosteum
Includes the bones of the skull, hyoid bones, vertebral column, ribs, and sternum Axial skeleton
Includes the clavicle,scapula, humerus, radius, ulna, carpus, appendages, pelvis, femur, etc Appendicular skeleton
Tunnel Canal
Rounded projection Condyle
High ridge Crest; crista
Small, smooth area Facet
Opening or hole Foramen
Basin-like depression Fossa, fovea
Rounded eminence or projection Head
Low ridge Line
Passage or opening Meatus
Any projection Process
Cavity or channel Sinus
Sharp projection Spine
Open, ditchlike groove Sulcus
Seam Suture
Broad, flat process Trochanter
Small, rounded eminence Tubercle
Protuberance Tuberosity
Bones that allow no movement Synathroses
Bones that allow slight movement Amphiarthroses
Freely permit movement Diarthroses
Tissue found in synarthroses Fibrous
Tissue found in amphiarthroses Cartilaginous
Tissue found in diarthroses Synovial
Forms a covering around the articulating ends of the bones, holding them together Joint capsule
Lines the joint capsule and secretes synovial fluid, lubricating opposing surfaces of the bones Synovial membrane
Space between the opposing surfaces of the bones of the joint Joint cavity
Thin covering of the cartilage that cushions the articulating bone surface Articular cartilage
Cords of white, dense, fibrous tissue to bind bones together Ligaments
Pads of cartilage between articulating surfaces in some synovial joints Articular disks
Joints that permit movement in one only one direction (elbow) Hinge
Joint in which the round head of one bone fits into a cuplike cavity of another, permitting movement in different directions (hip joint) Ball-and-socket
The least moveable joint in which the adjacent bone surface glide against each other to permit movement (carpus and tarsus) Gliding
Joint in which one bone pivots around a stationary bone (axis and atlas) Pivot
A joint in which the oval head of one bone fits into a shallow depression in another (stifle) Condyloid
Binds muscle to bone Tendons
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