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Med Term- Roots

Medical Terminology- Roots and Combining Forms

Hearing Audio
Life Bio
Burn Caus; Caut
Break Clas; Clast
Lead Duct
Dilate Ectas
Swelling (fluid accumulation in the tissue) Edem
Sensation Esthes
Producing Geno
Treatment Iatro
Movement; motion Kine; Kino
Breaking down Lysis; Lyso
Form; structure; shape Morpho
Vision Opia; opsia; opsy
Disease Path
Eating Phage
Speech Phas
Affinity Phil
Paralysis Plegia
Formation Poiesis
Split Schisto
Spasm Spasmo
Standing still; stopping Stasis
Nourishment or food Tropho
Short Brachy
Slow Brady
Short Brevi
Cold Cryo
Hidden Crypto
Right; right side Dextro
Double; twice Diplo
Long Dolicho
Sugar sweet Gluco; glyco
Other; different Hetero
Same; alike Homeo; homo
Wet; water; fluid Hydro
Equal; alike Iso
Slender; small; thin Lepto
Left; to the left Levo
Large Macro
Ill; bad Mal
Soft; softening Malaco
Large; oversized Mega
Death Necro
Few; little Oligo
Straight; normal; right Ortho
Thick Pachy
Old; primitive Paleo
Flat; wide Platyo
Many; more Pleo
Irregular; varying Poikilo
Hardness Sclero
Left; to the left Sinistro
Narrow; contracted Steno
Solid; three- dimensional Stereo
Rapid; fast Tachy
Distant; end Tele; Telo
Heat Thermo
Dry Xero
Water Hydro; aqua
Bile Chole; cholo
Milky fluid-product of digestion Chyle; chylo
Tears Dacryo; lacrima
Milk Galacto; lacto
Blood Hema; hemato; hemo
Sweat Hidro; sudor
Lymph Lympho
Secretion of mucous membranes Mucus
Mucus (not commonly used) Myxo
Liquid component of blood Plasma
Saliva Ptyal
Liquid production of inflammation (dead WBCs) Pus
Pus Pyo
Blood Sangui
Fluid portion of blood without clotting factors because they have been used Serum
Salivary glands Sialo
Liver Urea
Fat Adipo
Starch Amylo
Ear wax Cerumen; Cerumeno
Fibrous protein of connective tissue, cartilage, bone, and skin Collagen
Oil Eleo; Oleo
Iron Ferrum; ferro
Sugar Gluco; glyco; saccari; saccharo
Salt Halo
Iron based pigment of hemoglobin Heme
Body produced chemical substance Hormone
Glassy, translucent substance Hyalo; hyaline
Fat; fatty acids Lipo; lipid
Stone or calculus Litho
Honey or sugar Meli
Sodium Natrium
Stoney hardness Petrous
Salt Sal
Sebaceous gland secretion Sebum
White Albus; alba; alb
Green Chloro; chloros
Color (as compared with no color) Chromo; chromato
Orange yellow Cirrhos
Blue Cyano
Red Erythro
White Leuco; leuko
Saffron yellow Lutein
Black Melano
Light Photo
Gray (Relating to gray matter of the nervous system) Polio
Red Rhodo
Red; redness Ruber; rubor
Yellow; yellowish Xantho
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