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Terms Midterm 3-12

Terminology Midterm

a-, an- without, lack of, not
ab- away from
ad- toward, to, near
ambi-, amphi-, ampho- both
ana- up, toward, apart
ante- before, in front of, forward
anti- against, opposing
apo- separation from, derived from
auto- self
bi- two, double, twice
cata- down, under, against
circum- around
co-, com-, con- with, together
contra- opposed, against
de- reverse, remove
di- two, twice
dia- between, through, apart, across, completely
dis- apart from, free from
dys- difficult, painful, abnormal
e-, ec-, ex- out of, from, away from
ecto-, exo- outer, outside, situated on
em-, en- in
endo- within, inner
ep-, epi- upon, on, over, above
eu- normal, good, well, healthy
extra- outside of, beyond
hemi- half
hyper- excessive, above, beyond
hyp-, hypo- under, deficient, beneath
im-, in- in
infra- below, beneath
inter- between
intra- within
intro- into, within
mes-, meso- middle
meta- change, beyond, after
micr-, micro- small
mult-, multi- many
neo- new, recent
pan- all, entire
para- beside, beyond
per- through, excessive
peri- around
poly- many, much, excessive
post- after, behind
pre-, pro- before, in front of
pseudo- false
re- again, backward
retro- backward, behind
semi- half, partial
sub- under, beneath
super-, supra- above, superior, excess
sym-, syn- together, with
trans- across, through
ultra- beyond, excess
-ac, -al, -ic, -ous, -tic pertaining to, relating to
-algia pain
-ate having, resembling
-cele protrusion (hernia)
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
-cle, -cule, -ole, -ola, -ule, -ulum, -ulus small (diminutive)
-cyte cell
-ectomy cutting out
-emesis vomit
-emia blood condition
-ent, -er, -ist, -or person or agent
-esis, -ia, -iasis, -ism, -ity, -osis, -sis, -tion, -y state or condition
-form, -oid resembling, shaped like
-genesis development, origin
-gram, -graphy recording, written record
-graph instrument that records
-ible, -ile capable, able
-itis inflammation
-ize use, subject to, verb form
-logy science, study of
-oma tumor
-penia deficiency of, lack of
-pexy, -pexis fixation, surgical fixation
-phage, -phagy eating
-phobia abnormal fear or intolerance
-plasia, -plastic, -plasty forming, growing, changing
-pnea breathing
-rrhaphy suturing in place
-rrhea flow or discharge
-rrhexis rupture
-scope instrument for examining
-scopy act of examining
-stomy surgical opening
-tome instrument for cutting
-tomy cutting, incision
blephar/o- eyelid or eyelash
brachi/o- arm (foreleg in quadrupeds)
bucc/o- cheek
canth/o- angle at either end of the slit between teh eyelids
capit/o- head
carp/o- area corresponding to the human wrist
cephal/o- head
cervic/o- neck (also refers to necklike projection of the cervix uteri, which is internal anatomy)
cheil/o-, chil/o- lip
cili/o- eyelid, eyelash, or small hairlike processes
cor/e-, cor/o- pupil of eye
dactyl/o- digit, toe
dent/i-, dent/o- tooth or teeth
derm/a-, derm/o-, dermat/o- skin
dors/i-, dors/o- back
faci/o- face
gingiv/o- gums
gloss/o- tongue
gnath/o- jaw
irid/o- iris of eye
labi/o- lip, especially lips of mouth
lapar/o- flank; abdomen
later/o- side
lingu/o- tongue
mamm/a-, mamm/o- mammary gland
mast/o- mammary gland
nas/o- nose
occipit/o- back of head
ocul/o- eye
odont/o- tooth or teeth
omphal/o- navel or umbilicus
onych/o- nail or claw
ophthalm/o- eye or eyes
or/o- mouth
ot/o- ear
papill/o- nipple or nipple-shaped projection
phall/o- penis
pil/o- hair
pod/o- foot or foot-shaped part
rhin/o- nose
somat/o-, somatic/o- body
steth/o- chest
stom-, stomat/o- mouth
tars/o- area corresponding to the human ankle or the edge of the eyelid
thorac/o- chest or thorax
trich/o- hair or hairlike structure
ventr/i-, ventr/o- belly, underside of quadruped
aden/o- gland
adren/o- adrenal gland
angi/o- vessel, usually a blood vessel
arteri/o- artery
arteriol/o- arteriole
arthr/o- joint
atri/o- atrium or upper heart chamber
balan/o- glans penis or glans clitoridis
bronch/i-, bronch/o- bronchus
bronchiol/o- bronchiolus
cardi/o- heart
cerebell/o- cerebellum part of brain
cerebr/i-, cerebr/o- cerebrum part of brain
choledoch/o- common bile duct
chondr/i-, chondr/io-, chondr/o- cartilage
chord/o- cord or string
cleid/o- clavicle
colp/o- vagina
cost/o- rib
cyst/i-, cyst/o- bladder, cyst, sac
cyt/o- cell
duoden/o- duodenum portion of intestine
encephal/o- brain
enter/o- intestine
episi/o- vulva
fibr/o- fibers
gastr/o- stomach
gli/o- gluey substance
hepat/ico-, hepat/o- liver
hist/o- tissue
hyster/o- uterus
ile/o- ileum portion of intestine
ili/o- ilium (upper part of hipbone)
jejun/o- jejunum portion of intestine
kerat/o- horny tissue (and cornea of the eye), keratin
laryng/o- larynx
lymph/o- lymphatic vessels, lymphocytes
mening/o- meninges, membranes covering brain and spinal cord
metr/a-, metr/o- uterus
myel/o- bone marrow, spinal cord
my/o- muscle
myring/o- eardrum
nephr/o- kidney
neur/o- nerve, nerves, nervous system
oophor/o- ovary
orchi/o-, orchid/o- testis, testes
oss/eo-, oss/i-, ost/e-, ost/eo- bone or bones
ovari/o- ovary
palat/o- palate (roof of mouth)
pharyng/o- pharynx
phleb/o- vein or veins
phren/i-, phren/ico-, phren/o- diaphragm, mind
pleur/o- pleura, rib (or side)
pneum/a-, pneum/o-, pneum/ato-, pneum/ono- lungs, respiration (air, breath)
proct/o- rectum or anus
pulm/o- lungs
pyel/o- pelvis or kidney
rect/o- rectum
ren/i-, ren/o- kidney
sacr/o- sacrum
salping/o- fallopian or eustachian tube
sarc/o- flesh, muscular substance
splen/o- spleen
spondyl/o- vertebra, spinal column
stern/o- sternum (breastbone)
tend/o-, ten/o- tendon
thym/o- thymus gland
thyr/o- thyroid gland
trache/o- trachea
ureter/o- ureter (kidney to bladder tube)
urethr/o- urethra (bladder to outside)
vas/o- vessel or duct
ven/e-, ven/i-, ven/o- vein or veins
viscer/o- viscera
audi/o- hearing
bio- life
caus-, caut- burn
-clas-, -clast break
duct- lead
-ectas- dilate
-edem- swelling
-esthes- sensation
gen/o- producing
-iatr/o- treatment
kin/e-, kin/o- movement, motion
-lysis, -lys/o-, -lytic breaking down
-morph/o- form, structure, shape
-op/ia, -ops/ia, -opsy vision
-path-, -pathy disease
-phage, phag/o- eating
-phas- speech
-phil affinity, love for
-plegia paralysis
-poiesis formation, production
schist/o-, schiz/o- split, cleft, division
spasm/o- spasm
-stasis standing still, stoppage
troph/o- nourishment, food
brachy- short
brady- slow
brev/i- short
cry/o- cold
crypt/o- hidden
dextr/o- right, right side
dipl/o- double, twice
dolich/o- long
glyc/o-, gluc/o- sugar, sweet
heter/o- other, different
hom/eo-, hom/o- same, alike
hydr/o- wet, water, fluid
is/o- equal, alike
lept/o- slender, small, thin
lev/o- left, to the left
macr/o- large
mal- ill, bad
malac/o- soft, softening
meg/a-, meg/alo-, meg/aly- large, oversized
necr/o- death
olig/o- few, little
orth/o- straight, normal, correct
pachy- thick
pale/o- old, primitive
platy- flat, wide
ple/o- more, many
poikil/o- irregular, varied
-scler/o- hardness
sinistr/o- left, to the left
sten/o- narrow, contracted
stere/o- solid, three-dimensional
tachy- rapid, fast
tel/e-, tel/o- distant, end
therm/o- heat
xer/o- dry
aqua, hydr/o- water
chol/e-, chol/o- bile
chyle, chyl/o- milky fluid - product of digestion
dacry/o-, lacrima tears
galact/o-, lact/o- milk
hem/a-, hemat/o-, hem/o- blood
hidr/o-, sudor sweat
lymph/o- lymph
mucus, muco- mucus, secretion of mucous membranes
myx/o- mucus
plasma plasma, fluid portion of blood
ptyal/o- saliva
pus pus, liquid product of inflammation
py/o- pus
sangui-, sanguin/o- blood, bloody
serum, ser/o- serum, clear portion of blood fluid
sial/o- saliva, salivary glands
ur/e-, ur/ea-, ur/eo-, ur/in-, ur/ino-, ur/o- urine or urea
adip/o- fat
amyl/o- starch
cerumen, cerumin/o- earwax
collagen collagen, fibrous protein of connective tissue, cartilage, bone and skin
ele/o-, ole/o- oil
ferrum, ferr/o- iron
gluco-, glyc/o-, sacchar/o-, sacchar/i- sugar
hal/o- salt
heme iron-based, pigment part of hemoglobin
hormone hormone, body-produced chemical substance
hyal/o-, hyalin glassy, translucent substance
lip/o-, lipid fat, fatty acids
lith/o- stone or calculus
mel/i- honey or sugar
natrium sodium
petrous stony hardness
sal salt
sebum sebaceous gland secretion
albus, alba, alb- white
chlor/o-, chloros green
chrom/o-, chromat/o- color
cirrhos orange-yellow
cyan/o- blue
erythr/o- red
leuc/o-, leuk/o- white
lutein saffron yellow
melan/o- black
photo- light
poli/o- gray (relating to gray matter of the nervous system)
rhod/o- red
ruber, rubor red, redness
xanth/o- yellow, yellowish
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