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Med Term- Anatomy

Med Term- Anatomy (External and Internal)

Eyelid or eyelash Blepharo
Arm or foreleg Brachio
Cheek Bucco
End of the slit of between the eyelids Cantho
Head Capito
Wrist Carpo
Head Cephalo
Neck Cervico
Lip Cheilo; Chilo
Eyelid, eyelash, or small hairlike process Cilio
Pupil Core; Coro
Digit or toe Dactylo
Skin Derma; Dermo; Dermato
Back Dorsi; Dorso
Face Facio
Gums Gingivo
Tongue Glosso
Jaw Gnatho
Iris of the eye Irido
Lips, especially of the mouth Labio
Flank; abdomen Laparo
Side Latero
Tongue Linguo
Mammary gland Masto; Mammo; Mamma
Nose Naso
Back of the head Occipito
Eye Oculo
Tooth or teeth Odonto
Navel or umbilicus Omphalo
Nail or claw Onycho
Eye or eyes Opthalmo
Mouth Oro
Ear Oto
Nipple or nipple shaped Papillo
Penis Phallo
Hair Pilo
Foot or foot shaped Podo
Nose Rhino
Body Somato; Somatico
Chest Stetho
Mouth Stom; Stomato
Ankle or the edge of the eyelid Tarso
Chest or thorax Thoraco
Belly Ventro; Ventri
Gland Adeno
Adrenal gland Adreno
Vessel Angio
Artery Arterio
Smaller than an artery but bigger than a capillary Arteriolo
Joint Arthro
Upper chamber of the heart Atrio
Glans penis or glans clitordis Balano
Tree like things that branch into lungs Bronchi; Broncho
Heart Cardio
"Little brain"; controls movement Cerebello
Controls thought, imagination, judgement, and decisions Cerebro
Common bile duct Choledocho
Cartilage Chondri; Chondrio; Chondro
Cord; string Chordo
Clavicle Cleido
Vagina Colpo
Rib Costo
Bladder, cyst, sac Cysto; cysti
Cell Cyto
Duodenum (first part of the small intestine) Duodeno
Brain Encephalo
Intestine Entero
Vulva Episio
Fiber Fibro
Stomach Gastro
Gluey substance Glio
Liver Hepatico; Hepato
Tissue Histo
Uterus Hystero
Ileum; final section of the small intestine Ileo
Upper part of the hip bone Ilio; ilium
Jejunum: Middle section of the small intestine Jejuno
Horney tissue and cornea Kerato
Larynx (voicebox) Laryngo
Lymphatic vessels; lymphocyte Lympho
Membranes covering the brain and spinal cord Meningo
Uterus Metra; metro
Bone marrow or spinal cord Myelo
Muscle Myo
Eardrum Myringo
Kidney Nephro
Nerve; nerves; nervous system Neuro
Ovaries Oophoro
Testis; testes Orchio; orchido
Bones or bone Osseo; ossi; oste; osteo
Ovary Ovario
Palate Palato
Pharynx Pharyngo
Vein or veins Phlebo
Diaphragm Phreni; phrenico; phreno
Pleura; rib on side Pleuro
Lungs; respiration Pneuma; pneumo; pneumato; pneumono
Rectum; anus Procto
Lungs Pulmo
Pelvis; kidney Pyelo
Rectum Recto
Kidney Reni; reno
Sacrum Sacro
Fallopian or Eustachian tube Salpinglo
Flesh; muscular substance Sarco
Spleen Spleno
Vertebra; spinal column Spondylo
Sternum Sterno
Tendon Tendo
Thymus gland Thymo
Thyroid gland Thyro
Trachea Tracheo
Ureter Uretero
Urethra Urethro
Vessel or duct Vaso
Vein or veins Vene/ veni/ veno
Viscera Viscero
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