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religion chap. 5

The Sacrament of Initiation Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist
The Sacraments of Healing Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick
The Sacraments of Service Holy Orders and Matrimony
A period of formation for Christian Initiation that includes prayer and liturgy, religious instruction of service to others. Catechumenate
The ? is the bishop, priest or decon Celebrant
Perfumed oil blessed by the bishop used for the sacraments putting ? on someone as a sign they are chosen Chrism
The purpose of this ? is to be cleanse and strengthened the child to be baptized. Anointing
The process of becoming a member of the Church? Initiation
The first season of the Church is? Advent
The second season of the Church is? Christmas
The third season of the Church is? Ordinary Time
The fourth season of the Church is? Lent
The fifth season of the Church is? Triduum
The sixth season of the Church is? Easter
The seventh season of the Church is? Ordinary Time
Feast that celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the Disciples? Pentecost
Proclaiming the Good News of Christ by what we say and do? Evangelizing
Laying of the Hands, Wind and Fire Signs of the Holy Spirit
To apply oil to someone as a sign that God has chosen them? Anointing with Chrism
As Eucharist Jesus calls himself? "The Bread of Life"
Meal, sacrafice and memorial The Eucharist is three things.
People who help us during the celebration of the Liturgy The Liturgcial Ministers
Called the Lords Day by Christians because we celebrate the Eucharist at Mass. Sunday
Introductory Rites the Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist and the Concluding Rites Parts of the Mass
The Feast in which Jewish people remember the miraculous way that God saved them from death and slavery in ancient Eygpt Passover
two importance of the Eucharist We are nourished by the Word of God and receive Jesus Christ through Holy Communion and we are made into the body of christ the church and joined more closely to christ and one another
Four ways that we can participate at Mass? Singing, Alter server, respond to reading and reader
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