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Male Repro Terms

Terms for Male Reproduction unit

Male Sex Cell Sperm
Male Hormone Testosterone
Both testicles remain in body cavity Cryptorchid
One testicle remains in the body cavity Ridgling
Collects and stores sperm, sperm matures here Epididymis
Sex drive libido
Acts as pumping mechanism for ejaculation Ampulla
Muscle in scrotum to raie/lower testicles Tunica Dortus
Common tube for urination/ejaculation Urethra
houses testes Scrotum
Sperm carrying tube Vas Deferens
Age when sexual maturity is reached Puberty
Primary sex organs in males Testes
Adds fluid which protects sperm from body chemicals and pH changes in female's body Cowper's gland
Sperm plus fluids from accessory glands Semen
Adds fluid which increases mobility/activity of sperm Prostate Gland
Penis muscle 'loop' in bulls, rams, boars Sigmoid Flexure
Produces Spermatozoa Seminiferous tubules
Reproductive fluid leaving body via urethra Ejaculation
Adds fluid which provides nourishment for sperm Seminal Vesicles
Area in the testicle which produces testosterone Interstitial tissue
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