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important words

ag. words

What is the practice of cultivating land or raise stock? Agriculture
What are articles of commerce? Commodity
Whos is a person who uses goods or services? Consumer
What is a varied condition know as? Diversification
What is an elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn? Fibre
What is any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue? Food
What is a place in which groceries are sold? Market
Who is someone who manufactures something? Producer
What is a profitable commodity that is grown in large fields, grows as a stalk, and has yellow cernals? Corn
What is a revolutionary agricultural advancement that allowed farmers to become more efficient when cultivating? Plow
What type of machinery allowed farmers to pull large loads without the use of horses? Tractor
What is the famous name associated with agriculture that revolutionized things such as the plow and tractor? John Deere
What is the name of the place in which cattle and other animals are bought and sold? Stock yard
To give or supply yield
to bring forth or yield produce
the average weather in a specific location climate
What is the process of wearing or grinding something down? Erosion
Being from abroad Import
The study of earths surface geography
half of a sphere, or half of the earth? hemisphere
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