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Sx Anesth Midterm

3 functions of anesthesia machine deliver O2 at controlled rate, vaporize liquid anesthetic, remove unwanted gases
components of anesthesia machine: flow meter, pressure valve, inlet, outlet, vaporizer, circle circuit, rebreathing bag, oxygen tank, soda lime crystals
How to check for leak? close pressure "pop off" valve and turn on oxygen. bag should inflate and pressure monitoring valve should stay steady.
surgical instrument manufacturing: forging, milling, tempering, passivation, polishing
purpose of pre-anesthesia Relax pt,prevent pain, ease trans out of anesthesia, anticholinergic to prev bradycardia, reduce amt of other anesthetic agents
sedatives acepromazine, dexmedetomadine
anticholinergics atropine, glycopyrrolate
antibiotic ampicillin
analgesic opioids buprenorphine, butorphanol
anesthetic induction propofol
inhaled anesthetics sevoflurane, isoflurane
Created by: nlchandler87