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Mice & Rats

Lab Animal

What is the average lifespan of a mouse? 2-3 years
At what age do mice reproduce? 6 weeks of age
What is the most commonly used species of mice? Mus musculus
What term refers to animals that are born hairless, eyes closed and mouth closed? HINT: Pinkes* Altricial
What is the most common parasite seen with mice? Pin worms
How many teeth do mice have? 16
How long is the average gestation period in the mouse? 19-21 days
How large is an average mice litter? 12-14 avg (Range 1-20)
What is the pH of urine from a mouse? 7.3-8.5 HIGHLY CONCENTRATED
What is the average pulse rate of a mouse? 325-780 BPM
What is the average respiratory rate of a mouse? 60-220 BPM
What is the average temp of a mouse? 97.5-100.4 F
Around what age do mice begin to wean? 3-4 weeks
How long is the estrous cycle of a mouse? 4-5 days
Mice reproduce via a ____________ that persists for ________________ hours. plug, 18-24 hours
How long is the breed duration of mice? 7-9 months
What is another name for the "Frizzie" mouse? Rex
What is the most common type of mouse used in lab? albino mouse
What part of it's body does the mouse use for movement and guidance? MED TERM Vibrissae
What structure position behind the eyes of a mouse produces "Blood Tears" when the animal is ill? harderian gland
What is the name of the 5th undeveloped finger on the mouse's forpaw? pollex
True or false. When sexing a mouse, a shorter ano-genital distance lets you know the mice is a male. False. Female
What is the dental formula of a mouse? 2(I 1/1, M 3/3) 16 total
Abscesses in the lymph nodes of a mouse is common with what respiratory disease? mycoplama pulmosis
What is the #1 disease found in Mice? Mycoplasma pulmosis
How many pairs of mammary glands do male and female mice have? 5
How are injections given to mice? IP Intraperitoneal
What is the family that Mus musculus stems from? Muridae
What is the subfamily that Mus musculus stems from? Murinae
What is the Order that the Mus musculus stems from? Rodentia
True or false. Mice have no sweat glands. True
What temperature should a mouse's environment be? 64-79 degrees
What humidity should a mouse's environment be? 30-70%
What is the ratio for maintenance light requirements for a mouse? 12:12
What is the ratio for breeding light requirements for a mouse? 14:10
What are the 3 purposes of bedding? absorbs waste, insulates and used to make nests
What percentage of protein should be included in a mouse's diet? 23%
What percentage of fat should be included in a mouse's diet? 6.5%
What percentage of ash should be included in a mouse's diet? 8%
What is the recommended amount of food for a single mouse? 4-5g or 1-2 pellets
True or false. Tumor development in mice is considered normal. true
When setting up breeding cages what is the male to female ratio? 1 male to 2-6 females
At what age should pups be seperated? 1 month
How soon after birth can tail clipping be done? 18 days
What are various methods of numbering mice? ear notching, ear tags, tail clip or toe clip
How much blood can be collected from the tail of a mouse? 0.1ml
How much blood can be collected from the orbital sinus of a mouse? 0.5ml
How much blood can be collected from the heart of a mouse? 1ml
What site is useful for collecting multiple blood samples throughout the day? saphenous
What is the max amt of fluids that can be given to a mouse in a single dose via IP? 2ml
How do you determine the amt to feed orally in mice? 1% of body wt
When sexing mice/rats which sex has a greater urogenital distance? male
What is MRM? Murine respiratory mycoplasmosis
What is the causitive agent of MRM? mycoplasma pulmonis
What is the most common disease in pocket pets? MRM
What condition is also referred to as "Proximal airway disease"? MRM
What is the medical name for blood tears? porphyrin staining
What condition involves cobblestone lesions on the lungs? MRM
How is MRM diagnosed? IFA and ELISA
What are the 2 most common forms of treatment for MRM? tetracycline or baytril
What is the causitive agent of tyzzers disease? clostridium piliforme
What condition includes CS such as lethargy, ruffled fur and diarrhea, and is caused by clostridium piliforme? Tyzzers dz
True or false. Rats are affected more often than mice by Tyzzer's dz. False (Mice more)
How is Tyzzer's transmitted? direct
What condition will one see pale foci from liver necrosis? Tyzzers dz
What is the TOC for Tyzzers? oxytetracycline
What is the formula for drug calculation? (wt (kg) X dosage)/conc in ml
What are the 2 common types of salmonella? enteritis and typhimurium
What type of bacteria is salmonella? gram neg bacillus
CS of salmonella are most common in what age group of mice? suckling and weanlings
Pale foci on the liver, spleenomegaly AND increased neutrophils are commonly found in this disease salmonella
What is the primary method of transmission for S. aureus? fights/scratching
What is the major pathogen of the skin of rats and mice? S. Aureus
What disease will you commonly see pyoderma and ulcerative dermatitis as well as abscesses or granulomas affecting the face and tail base? S. Aureus
What is used to treat S Aureus? nolvasan
What virus is associated with coronavirus and is the most common virus found in lab animals? SDAV - Sendai Virus
How long is the incubation period of SDAV? 1 week
What is the first sign of SDAV? porphyrin eye staining
What condition will one see submandibular salivary glands red/atelectatic lungs in mice? SDAV
Define atelectatic. collapsed lung
What condition is the mouse the only natural host of and usually lasts for 2-3 weeks? MHV - Mouse hepatitis virus
What age group will you most commonly see MHV in? Young nursing pups
How is MHV diagnosed? ELISA
Define EDIM. Epizootic diarrhea of infant mice
What condition commonly affects mice from birth to 17 days old and causes yellow/watery diarrhea? rotavirus
What type of mite is typically found on the back of the head and back? myobia musculi
What type of mite has 2 claws? radfordia affinis
Define acariasis. Mite infestation
What rare species of mite has more than 3 claws? Myocoptes musculinus
What is the best method for testing for pinworms? tapetest
What type of pinworms is found ONLY in fecal floats? aspiculuris tetraptera
What type of pinworms is found ONLY by the tape test method due to a collection of eggs surrounding the anus and are banana shape? syphacia obvelata
What is the most common type of pinworm? syphacia obvelata
What are the 2 common type of tapeworms in pet mice? rodentolepis nana and hymenolepsis diminuta
What type of tapeworm has polar filaments is zoonotic? rodentolepsis nana
What is the most common type of tumor in mice? mammary adenocarcinoma
What is the prognosis for mammary adenocarcinoma in mice? poor, very invasive
What behavioral problem commonly involves alopecia on the head without lesions? barbering
Where are bite wounds in mice most commonly found? face, genitals and back
What condition are mice genetically predisposed to and can cause starvation due to pain? malocclusion
What species of rat is most commonly used in lab animals? rattus norvegicus
What are the 2 most common types of norway rats? wild and albino
What rat species is the black rat? rattus rattus
What is the most common outbred rat stock? sprague dawley
What rat stock is also referred to as the hooded rat? long evans
What type of skeleton involves the mandible, vertebra and ribs? axial
What type of skeleton involves the limbs and pelvis? appendicular
What is the shared dental formula of rats and mice? 2 (I 1/1 C 0/0 P 0/0 M 3/3)
What feature of a rat is thermogenic and allows rats to survive days without eating? brown fat
What are the 2 primary functions of brown fat? stores glycogen and regulates temperature
What part of the stomach prevents vomiting in the rat? limiting ridge
True or false. Rats have gallbladders. False
True or false. The stomach of a rat is glandular. False (Part glandular, part nonglandular)
What vitamin is contained in rat/mice feces that is produced by bacterial action in the colon? vitamin b
How many pairs of mammary glands do rats have? 6
How long is the estrous cycle in rats? 4-5 days
How long is the gestation of a rat? 19-23 days
What is the average litter size of a rat? 6-12
What is the name for the phenomenon of coming into heat shortly after giving birth? postpartum estrus
What is the lifespan of a rat? 2.5-3 years
True or false. Rats are nocturnal. True
True or false. Female rats are more sociable than male rats. false
What condition is prevented in rats by keeping the humidity greater than 40%? ringtail
How much blood can be collected from the tail vein of a rat? 0.1-1ml
What part of the body of a rat is used to regulate body temp by dilating and constricting of vessels? tail
What veins in the tail are used for blood collection? lateral
How much blood can be collected via a cardiac stick in a rat? 3% of the body wt
How do you determine the amount of food that can be fed orally to a rat? 1% of body wt
What are the 3 factors for determining proper dosage? age, sensitivity and route
What 3 medications are used for chemical restraint in rats/mice and are not a type of anesthesia? acepromazine, diazepam and fentanyl/droperidol.
What medication is used as a premed to reduce saliva/fluid production and to maintain heart rate? anticholinergics
What is the most commonly used anticholinergic used in mice and rats? glycopyrrolate
What cocktail is used to restrain rats/mice and has a short duration of action of 30 minutes? xylazine/ketamine
What cocktail is used for minor surgical procedures and usually has a prolonged recovery? tilazol
What cocktail is known as tilazol? tiletamine/zolazepam
What medication is used with tilazol to increase recovery rate? xylazine
What is the inhalant anesthesia of choice in mice and rats? isoflurane
What strand of strep is commonly found in rats that humans are the primary reservoir for? streptococcus pneumoniae
S. Pneumoniae commonly affects which age group of rats? young
S. Pneumoniae clinical signs resemble what condition in rats? URT infection
What are the 3 pathologic findings of S. Pneumoniae? fibrinopurulent pleuritis, pericarditis and otitis media
What is used to treat rat bite fever? penicillin
What is the causitive agent for Rat Bite Fever? Streptobacillus moniliformis
True or false. Haverhill is zoonotic. True
What condition is known as "Haverhill"? rat bite fever
True or false. Diarrhea is commonly found in rats with Tyzzers. False (Mice)
Dermatitis is commonly found on what parts of the body of a rat? face, head and back of head.
Photophobia and sniffling/nasal crackles are commonly found with what virus? SDAV
What is SDAV? Sialodacryoadenitis virus
How long should breeding be ceased for when treating SDAV in rats? 2 months
What is RMV and what type of virus is it? Rat minute virus; parvovirus
What is the only parvo virus strand reported to cause clinical disease in rats? RV (Rat Virus)
What species of mite is known as the "Rat Fur Mite"? Radfordia ensifera
What species is also known as the rat pinworm? Syphacia muris
What is the TOC for rat winworms? Piperazine
What is the most common tumor found in rats? mammary fibroadenoma
True or false. Mammary fibroadenoma found in rats is almost always benign. True
Define ptyalism. Slobbering
Hyperemic scrotum is pathognomonic of what condition in rats? Heat exhaustion
What is the primary cause of ringtail in rats? low environmental humidity
What is the only known strain of parvo virus that affects rats? Rat Virus
True or false. Male pinworms are larger than female pinworms. False
What is the main sign seen with pituitary chromophobe adenoma? prolactin secretion
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