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Agrisci anisci ch 26

part two vocab

System that provides food for the body of the animal and for all its systems. Digestive System
Animal that has a stomach with four digestive compartments. Ruminant
One of the compartments of the stomach in cattle, deer, and sheep that is responsible for the breakdown of cellulose in the feed that is consumed. Rumen
Grass, hay, or silage and other feeds high in fiber and low in TDN. Roughage
Animal with a single-compartment stomach. Monogastric
Feed high im total digestible nutrients and low in fiber. Concentrates
Milk Production. Lacation
Simple fruit sugar. Fructose
Simple milk sugar. Galactose
Compound cane sugar. Sucrose
Compound milk sugar. Maltose
Compound milk sugar. Lactose
Major energy source in livestock feed. Starch
Woody fibers parts that make uo plant cell walls. Cellulose
Nutirents that have 2.25 times as much energy as carbohydrates. Fat
Extra nutrient added to animal feed. Supplement
Nutrient manufactured chemically. Synthetic Nutrients
By product of the production of vegetable oil. Oil Meal
Synthetic source of nitrogen made from air, water, and carbon. Urea
A nonnutritivr substance added to feed to improve growth , increase feed efficiently, or maintain health. Feed Additive
Substance used to help prevent or control infections and diseases of animals. Antibiotic
Material left after all water is removed from a feed material. Dry Matter
Total digestible nutrients; the measure of destibility of feed. TDN
A secondary product left from the production of a primary commodity. By-product
Plant material with high moisture content such as pastures and root plants. Green Roughage
Feed resulting from the storage and fermentation of green crops in the absence of air. Silage
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