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Sheep Exam 1

ANS 262

Top Sheep States 1. Texas 2. California 3. Wyoming 4.Colorado 5.South Dakota
Top Sheep Operations 1. Texas 2. Arizona 3. California 4. Pennsylvania 5. Iowa
World Sheep Production 1. China 2. Australia 3. India 4. New Zealand 5. United Kingdom
Average Market Lamb Weight 136 pounds
Average Fleece Weight 7.5 pounds
Milk Price .54/lb 4x cow
ASI Recognized breeds 47
Suffolk Most registrations large high cutability most NSIP flocks Terminal
Hampshire terminal high cutablity large
Columbia dual purpose US developed largest white faced range conditions heavy-medium fleece
Dorset polled at N. Carolina State lamb out of season moderate
Corriedale australia and new zealand 2nd numerous breed heavy fleece
Romney black hoof, foot rot resistance heavy, long stapled, course wool
Merino finest wool most numerous australia predominant
Rambouillet largest fine wool western range finest U.S breed
Polypay rambouillet, dorset, finn, targhee
Targhee U.S sheep experiment station Dubois ID
Dorper Hair Sheep south africa meat long breeding season
kathadin hair sheep maine hardy parasite resistance
Finn prolific
Romanov prolific dark wool, lost in first cross
purebred mating systems inbreeding outbreeding
Inbreeding Coefficient F sibs .25 parents lamb .25 half sibs .125 nephew aunt .0625 reproductive rate
prepotent transmitting traits in a predictable manner homozygous
Crossbred hybrid vigor higher fertility grow faster
% heterosis [(XB-PB)/PB]*100 highest in low heritability traits
Heritability 0-1 environment-100%
Breeding Value (individual-contemperary)*heritability derived from breed average
Progeny Difference 1/2 breeding value
BLUP Best Linear Unbias Prediction use in EPD's
weaning weight 30-90 days
post weaning weight 30 days after weaning weight
maternal milk derived from weaning weight milk+gain
carcass traits 12th rib fat thickness (CF) 12th rib LEA (EMD)
NSIP national sheep improvement program
Scrapies Codon 171 RR (arginine) RQ (arginine, glutamine) QQ (glutamine)
Callipyge hypertrophy (increased muscle fiber diameter) Imprinting Paternal Polar Overdominance normal ram CC to normal ewe NN to produce 100%
generation interval breed ewe lambs and young studs to decrease
wool traits staple length greecy fleec weight fiber diameter
Indexes Western Range Ewe Productivity Carcass Plus
Created by: cursta317



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