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gccs sexual reproduc

gccs sexual reproduction in plants

Capillary action movement of water upward through narrow spaces in the soil
Come true to seed when offspring produced from seed are very similar to the parent plant
Complete Flower flower with both male and female parts; sexually complete
Cross-pollination a process in which pollen (male sex cell) of one plant unites with the egg (female sex cell) of a different plant
Dibble A pointed hand tool for making holes in the ground for seeds or young plants.
Direct seeding The process of planting the seed straight into the ground as opposed to planting tube stock.
Dormant Alive but not actively growing.
Endosperm The part of a seed that acts as a food store for the developing plant embryo, usually containing starch with protein and other nutrients.
Enhanced seed Seed that have been treated before planted in such a way that they should germinate and start growing better.
Flat A wooden or plastic box with slotted bottom to start seedlings
Hardening off Gradually subjecting plants to more difficult growing conditions by withholding water and decreasing temperature; prepares plants for transplanting
Hybrids An offspring of two different varieties of one plant which possesses certain characteristics of each parent
Incomplete flower A flower lacking sepals, petals, stamens, or pistils.
Indirect seeding Started seed in containers to get them started well before they are planted outside.
Micro propagation A tissue culture technique for plant propagation in which offspring are cloned from tissue taken from a single plant.
Named varieties An organism, especially a plant, belonging to such a subdivision.
Primed seed same as enhanced seed
Seed coat the outer covering of the seed
Seedlings young plants which have been germinated several days
Self Pollination fertilization of a plant by its own pollen
Tissue culture new method for rapidly reproducing plants using terminal bud tissue
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