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Micro quiz 2-old rev

Micro quiz 2 old material review - urinary and respiratory

What is located entirely in the renal medulla? Thin limb of the nephron loop(of henle)
Function of this location is regulated by aldosterone. Distal convoluted tubule.
Longest segment of the nephron Proximal convoluted tubule
Creates hypertonicity in the medullary interstitium. thin limb of the nephron loop(of henle)
covers the glomerulus Bowman's capsule
Located in the medullary ray Distal straight, proximal straight and collecting duct
Located in the cortical labyrinth distal convoluted tubule, glomerulus, glomerular capsule, proximal convoluted tubule
Connects with an arched collecting tubule distal convoluted tubule
contains podocytes Bowman's capsule
Consists of parietal and visceral layers Bowman's capsule
Sodium exchanged for potassium occurs where: distal convoluted tubule
Part of the renal corpuscle Bowman's capsule
List the two components of a renal lobe: cortex and medulla
the uriniferous tubule consists of the: nephron and collecting duct
the region of the renal crest of papilla on which the papillary ducts open is called the: area cribrosa
The region of the renal corpuscle where the proximal convoluted tubule begins is called the: urinary pole
List 3 components of the medullary ray: Distal straight tubule, proximal straight tubule, collecting duct
List the two blood vessels that are located in the vascular pole of the renal corpuscle: afferent arteriole, efferent arteriole
The parietal layer of the glomerular (Bowman's) capsule: consists of simple squamous epithelium
the baroreceptors in the kidney are located: In the afferent arteriole
The fibrous capsule of the kidney: contains DICCT
The epithelium that lines the lumen of the trachea is classified as: pseudostratified, ciliated columnar
Renin is produced by: JG cells
The segment of the uriniferous tubule whose function is is directly influenced by vasopressin(ADH) is the: collecting duct
T/F. the kidney cannot produce concentrated urine without aldosterone. False.
T/F. The medullary ray is the center of the lobule of the avian kidney. false
T/F. The avian kidney consists of cranial, middle and caudal divisions. True.
T/F. Tracheal cartilages are composed of hyaline cartilage. true
Renal lobes are part of: renal cortex and renal medullla
what contains renal corpuscles? renal cortex
Location of the medullary rays? renal cortex
What part contains papillary ducts? renal medulla
What part has renal pyramids? renal medulla
Location of proximal convoluted tubules? Renal cortex(in cortical labyrinth)
Location of distal convoluted tubule? Renal cortex (in cortical labyrinth)
What part has collecting tubules? Both renal cortex and renal medulla
what part contains bowman's capsules? renal cortex(in cortical labyrinth)
What part has renal papilla or renal crest? renal medulla
Longest segment of the nephron is the: proximal convoluted tubule
creates hypertonicity of the medullary interstitium: loop(of henle)
Covers the glomerulus: bowman's capsule
Connects with an arched collecting tubule: distal convoluted tubule
contains podocytes: bowman's capsule
consists of parietal and visceral layers: bowman's capsule
sodium exchange for potassium where at? distal convoluted tubule
The two components of the uriniferous tubule: nephron and collecting duct
List two domestic mammals with multilobar kidneys: bovine, porcine
Aldosterone is produced by the: adrenal gland
List 3 cell types of alveolar epithelium: Type 1, type 2 and alveolar macrophages
What is the alveolar cell that is motile? Alveolar macrophage
what is the alveolar cell that is simple squamous epithelium? Type 1 cells
What is the alveolar cell that is cuboidal epithelium? type 2 cells
What is the alveolar cell that is part of the "monocyte-macrophage system"? alveolar macrophage
what is the alveolar cell that is also known as the "great alveolar cell"? type 2 cells
what is the alveolar cell that is the source of surfactant? type 2 cells
what is the alveolar cell that is a component of the "blood-air barrier" type 1 cells
The part of the nasal cavity just inside the nostril(naris) and line by the skin is the: nasal vestibule
In the mammalian lung, the first airway in which gas exchange can occur, ie., the first airway which contains alveoli, is the: respiratory bronchiole
In the mammalian lung, the last purely conducting airway is termed the: terminal bronchiole
In the mammalian lung, the conducting airways which lack cartilage are the: bronchioles
In the mammalian lung, the conducting airways which contain cartilage are the: bronchi
in the mammalian lung, the conducting airways which lack glands are the: bronchioles
The tunica muscularis of the urinary bladder is also known as the: detrusor muscle
List the cell types found in the olfactory epithelium: basal cells, neurosensory cells, sustentacular cells
T/F. Interalveolar septa contain numerous elastic fibers. True
T/F. Alveoli are equivalent to air capillaries in the avian lung. true
T/F. Proceeding distally through the airways of the lung, the first airway whose wall is composed totally of alveoli is the alveolar duct. True
T/F. The lining of the alveolus contains ciliated cells. false
T/F. Bronchial cartilages are composed of elastic cartilage. False. (they're composed of hyaline cartilage)
T/F. Pulmonary surfactant reduces surface tension and prevents alveolar collapse. True.
Renin is produced by: JG cells
The epithelial lining of the omasal lumen is: keratinized stratified squamous
T/F. The loop of henle is necessary to produce concentrated urine true
t/f. the descending thin limb of the loop of henle is freely permeable to water. true
t/f. the vasa recta do not alter the medullary hypertonicity created by henle's loop. true
t/f. Protein absorption in the proximal convoluted tubule occurs by: pinocytosis
t/f. interstitial osmolarity is greater in the base of the pyramid than in the apex. FALSE
Gastrin is produced by: enteroendocrine cells
the epithelial lining of the lumen of the bovine cecum is: simple columnar
T/F. the function of the distal convoluted tubule is regulated by ADH. False. (regulated by aldosterone)
T/F. The kidney can't produce concentrated urine w/o aldosterone. false
T/F. Increased arterial pressure would result in increased aldosterone secretion. False. (would actually be decreased)
T/F. cells of the distal convoluted tubule possess the ultrastructure of ion-transporting cells. true
t/f. angiotensin 2 causes marked vasodilation. false
t/f. mucoserous glands are present in terminal bronchioles. false
t/f. pulmonary surfactant reduces surface tension and prevents alveolar collapse. true
Most distal purely conducting airway(ie no alveoli) terminal bronchiole
Lining epithelium of terminal bronchiole has what two types of cells? ciliated cells and clara cells
What are clara cells? clara cells are bronchiolar exocrine cells. They secrete glycoprotein and metabolize xenobiotic compounds.
T/F. bronchial cartilages are composed of elastic cartilage. false
t/f. Interalveolar septa contain numerous elastic fibers. true
t/f. the glands located in the propria-submucosa of the trachea are mucoserous(mixed). true
t/f. the respiratory bronchiole is the first airway in the lung in which gas exchange can occur. true
t/f. Trachealis muscles are striated in ungulates and smooth in carnivores. false
What is the cell lining of the alveoli? type 1 cells(pneumocytes)
What is also known as lung parenchyma? alveoli
What are the conducting/conditioning airways that lack glands? bronchioles
What possesses a continuous layer of smooth muscle in respiratory system? bronchi and bronchioles
What contains the largest number of clara cells? bronchioles
has cells that secrete surfactant? alveoli
lining contains ciliated cells trachea, bronchi and bronchioles
Gives rise to principal(primary) bronchi trachea
conducting/conditioning airways that may possess alveoli bronchioles
contain cells of the "reticuloendothelial system" alveoli
possess seromucous(mixed) glands: trachea and bronchi
the smallest conducting/conditioning airways that contain cartilage bronchi
Conducting/conditioning airways that lack cartilage bronchioles
contain pores alveoli
the equivalent of air capillaries in the avian lung alveoli
conducting/conditioning airway found only in the lung bronchioles
lined by simple cuboidal epithelium (in respiratory) bronchioles
Include the "transition zone" bronchioles
Mesangial cells, podocytes, and juxtaglomerular cells are all found in: renal cortex
Phagocytize material trapped in basement membrane of the filtration barrier mesangial cells
The alveolar cells that secret surfactant are the: type 2 cells
the chemoreceptors in the kidney are located: in the macular densa
the baroreceptors in the kidney are located: in the afferent arteriole
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