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Animal Science 113

Page 1 of Cattle Terms

A sexually mature male. Bull calf used to denote males under 1 year of age Bull
A female that has produced a calf Cow
A female that has NOT produced a calf Heifer
A heifer that has calved once, dried up and is then fed for slaughter Heiferette
A castrated male (cow) Steer
A young cattle <1 year of age of either sex Calf
The act of giving birth (in cows) Calve
Weaned cattle that are run on grass or fed high roughage diets. Generally weigh 350 to 550 lbs when started. Expected to gain 250-300 lbs during growing phase. Stocker
A management unit that maintains a breeding herd of cows and produces weaned calves for sale. Cow-Calf Production
A cattle of either sex that is 1 to 2 years of age. Yearlings
An animal that is a product of the crossing of two or more breeds. Crossbred
Those requiring more growth and/or fattening before slaughter. Feeder Cattle
Beef cattle enterprise where cattle are placed in confinement, fed harvested feeds and fattened for slaughter. Feedlot
Enterprise that produces breeding animals for the commercial segment of the industry. The majority of purebred breeders fall into this category. Seedstock Producer
Growing program for feeder cattle from time calves are weaned until they are on a finishing ration in the feedlot. Backgrounding
Meat from cattle other than calves Beef
Meat from calves Veal
Beef promotion and Research Act established in October 1986. Each time cattle are marketed, $1 per head is paid by the seller to the Beef Industry Council (BIC). Month is used in promotion, research, and education. Generates approx. $70 million per year. Beef checkoff program
Usually refers to size of cattle (large, medium or small), growth rate, milk production (high, medium, or low), and age at puberty. Biological Type
Refers to a general family grouping of cattle Bovine
Cuts of beef put in boxes for shipping from packing plant to retailers. These primal (round, loins, ribs, and chuck) and sub primal cuts are intermediate cuts between the carcass and retail cuts. Boxed Beed
A specifically labeled product that is differentiated from commodity items by its brand name. Certified Angus beef is an example. Branded Beef Production
Breeds of cattle, such as Angus, Hereford, and Shorthorn, originating in Great Britain. British Breeds
Young bull, typically less than 20 months of age. Bullock
Number or percentage of calves produced within a herd in a given year relative to the number of cows and heifers in the breeding herd. Calf Crop
Wholesale cut shoulder) of the beef carcass. Chuck
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