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Oil Facts

Basil EVOO Herb taste G4: salads, pasta
Herb de Provence EVOO Thyme & bay leaf G4: Drizzle over chicken, rub on turkey Bread dip
Organic Tucson Herb EVOO Herbs, sundried tomato, & garlic G4: Salads, marinades, sprinkle w/parmigian
Garlic EVOO Slow roasted garlic G4: Mix w/pasta, sauces, or mashed potatoes Drizzle on steak
Wild Mushroom & Sage EVOO Sage, earthy, Mushroom G4: Cream of Mushroom soup in risotto, stuffing poultry, pork Drizzle over steak, mashed potatoes
Cilantro & Roasted Onion EVOO Roasted clippolini onions & cilantro G4: Sauteed veggies Marinades for fish, meat, poultry
Organic Persian Lime EVOO Sweet, ripe Persian Limes G4: Fish, fowl, salads
Chipotle EVOO Chipotle Chilli G4: Marinades & brushing Drizzle over veggies, pizza Dipping oil for bread Finishing oil for soups, pasta, graines
Harissa EVOO Smoked, chili peppers, garlic, caraway, corrander, & cumin Hottest flavor G4:
Blood Orange EVOO Whole fruit infused G4: Seafood, chicken, summer salads
Eureka Lemon EVOO Whole fruit infused light flavor of lemon G4: saute shrimp, scallops, Drizzle on chicken & fish
Organic Butter EVOO Natural & Vegan Rich butter flavor G4: Popcorn, seafood, bread dip, pasta
White Truffel Oil White Truffel w/olive oil Stronger flavor than black truffel
Black Truffel Oil Made using tea method Steep ripe truffel w/garlic
Porcini Oil Deep, earthy flavor w/mushroom
Gilanese Gremolata EVOO Gremottais is a traditional herb w/lemon zest, garlic, italian flat leaf parsley & mint
Dark Roasted Sesame Oil Roasted slow, very flavorful
Roasted Walnut Oil Slow roasted to perfection in Saumur
Roasted Almond Oil California roasted almond oil
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