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LG Animal Medicine

Cow mature female bovine
Bull mature male bovine
Steer castrated male bovine
Heifer immature female bovine
Calf neonate bovine
Heifer calf neonate female bovine < 1 year of age
Bull calf neonate male bovine < 1 year of age
Calving Act of parturition in the bovine
Doe /nanny adult female caprine
Caprine Goat
Bovine Cattle
Ovine Sheep
Porcine Swine / pigs
Buck / billy adult male caprine
Wether castrated male caprine or ovine
yearling doe immature female caprine
Kid neonate caprine
Kidding act of parturition in caprine
Mare mature female equine
Equine horse
Broodmare female equine being used for breeding
Stallion intack male equine between 2 and 3 years of age
Gelding castrated male equine of any age
Foal young horse from birth to weaning (4-7 mos)
Yearling Horse 1-1 1/2 years
Long yearling Horse 1 1/2 - 2 years old
Colt Intact male horse between 2 and 3 years of age
Filly Female horse between 2 and 3 years of age
Ewe adult female ovine
Ram adult male ovine
Yearling ewe immature female ewe
Lamb neonate ovine
Wether lamb castrated neonate ovine
Ram lamb intact male noenate ovine
Ewe lamb female ovine lamb
Lambing actof parturition in ovine
Swine refers to porcine species
Sow mature intact female porcine
Boar mature intact male procine
Barrow male castrated porcine before puberty
Stag male castrated porcine after puberty
Gilt immature female porcine; before birth of first litter
Farrowing act of parturition in porcine
Piglet very young, small pig; from birth to weaning
Shoat intact male porcine before puberty; synonym for pig
Pig young swine, either sex; <120 pounds
Hog lagre swine, either sex; >120 pounds
foaling act of equine parturition
backgrounding growing and feeding calvesfrom weaning till ready for feedlot
cesarean section the birth of a fetus removed surgically through the maternal abdomen and uterus
dry lot a type of pen in which the main feed source is not grass
nursery a building where weaned piglets are kept
pasture a pen where grass is the main feed source
USDA United Stated Department of Agriculture
biosecurity security from transmission of infectious diseases, parasites and pests
chestnut the callosity on the inner side of the leg of a horse
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
tailing a restraint technique used in cattle
artificial insemination implantation of live spermatazoa into the genital tract of the female
black baldy a blackk bovine with a solid white face
black brockle face black bovine with a blotchy white face
calf jack a mechanical device used as a pulley system used in bovines in dystocia
dystocia difficult / painful birth
crossbreeding mating of different breeds; hybridization
diestrus period of quiescence between metestrus and the next proestrus
embryo transfer placing an embryo (fertilized egg) into the uterus for implantation
estrus period of sexual receptivity in female mammals
estrus synchronization use of hormones to alter the reproductive cycle of females so they are all at the same frame of estrus at the same time
fetotomy dissection of a dead fetus in utero
flushing increaseing a female's intake of protein or carbs just before to increase ovulation and conception rates
gomer a male urgically prepared to ensure it cannot mate or is not fertile
harem a mating scheme where many females are bred to one male
inbreeding the breeding of closely related individuals
individual breeding mating of two animals unobserved
linebreeding inbreeding directed toward keeping the offspring closely related to a superior ancestor
live cover natural practice of a male natrually mating a female
lordosis a stance that will allow a male to mount for breeding
metaestrus period of subsiding follicular function or rest following estrus
outcrossing introducing unrelated genetic material into a breeding line
penile paralysis inability to retract penis into the prepuce due to nerve or muscle damage
phimosis inability to extend the penis from the prepuce, due to excessive swelling of the prepuce
pizzle prepuce of cattle
priapism prolonged erection unrelated to sexual desire
proestrus the period of heighted follicular activity preceeding estrus
semen straw a plastic straw to hold frozen semen
stillbirths fetal death
teaser animal used to sexually tease members of the opposite sex; usually male
decubital ulcers ulcers acquired from lying down
filed service a type of practice where the doctor goes to the animal instead of the animal coming to him or her
hot zone area of clinic where equipment can enter but leave until disinfected
stripping removing all bedding within a stall for cleaning
bishoping alterating incisor teeth of an older horse for it to appear younger
borborygmi rumbling noise caused by propulsion of gas through intestines
ecchymotic hemorrhages hemorrhage larger than petechia, in the skin, blue or purplish in color
EID Electronic Identification Tags
FARAD Food Animal Residue Avoidance and Depletion Program
NAIS National Animal Identification System
National Farm Identification and Records system national animal ID and traceability system. Includes ATD - Animal Tracking Database
panal tag a tag placed in ear as form of identification
points black hair on horses usually seen on ears, mane, tail and lower legs
Premise Registration a portionof NAIS that farmer/rancher register with the government their properties where animals are kept
withdrawl times length of time it takes for a drug to be eliminated from animal tissue or products after it is used
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