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Pre,Intra and post complications in conception and pregnency

When does mating occur using the 'standard system'? 11th and 13th day after onset of pro-oestrus
Signs of this conditions include irregular oestrus cycles, lack of libido, lethargy, weight gain. intolerance to cold. Hormonal issue HYPOTHYROIDISM
Most common tumour in the rabbit where the best treatment is to perform and Ovario-hysterectomy UTERINE ADENOCARCINOMA
Seen in the male dog where signs may include difficulty urinating, difficulty passing faeces, blood discharge from the penis. The dog may have a temperature PROSTATE HYPERPLASIA
This condition can be seen when a dam is bleeding excessively post partum UTERINE RUPTURE
Can be seen post partum in puppies, the puppies will fail to be able to succkle successfully and can develop aspiration pneumonia CLEFT PALATE
puppies are born apparently normal and healthy but fail to thrive and die before they reach 2 weeks of age FADING PUPPY SYNDROME
Birthing position where the rear of the puppy presents itself first with the legs flexed underneath BREECH
Condition which can cause discharge from the penis. Other signs include tenderness and dysuria BALANITIS
Behavioural changes – nervous, agitated Physical changes – salivation, poor co-ordination, leading to muscle tremors then convulsions, pyrexia, tachycardia, coma, death ECLAMPSIA
Pyrexia, hard swollen mammary glands. Milk can be blood stained MASTITIS
Biggest risk to the neonate due to not being able to regulate their own body temperature HYPOTHERMIA
This should be considered prior to mating MATING HISTORY AND RECORDS
Red green discharge being produced during pregnancy but no puppies. What should be done? INTERVENTION
more common in cat occurs soon after parturition and requires immediate attention PROLAPSED UTERUS
Generally, happens in the early stages of pregnancy and can be difficult to detect. Can be caused by development abnormalities infections, competition for uterine space FOETAL RESORPTION
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