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Jesse Tree People!

Notes for Old Testament Test

I was promised by God that my descendents would be as numerous as the stars in the skies. Abraham
I introduced sin into human history by rebelling against God; this is symbolized by my eating the apple. Adam
The Chi-Ro Symbol is a combination of the first two letters from the Greek language and is a symbol for my name. Christ
A harp is a symbol for me since it is believed that I wrote 78 of the 150 songs or Psalms for the bible. David
A shepherd's staff is my symbol since both Jesus and me were shepherds. David
The altar represents me since I built an altar to help people to leave false gods for one true God. Elijah
I carried John the Baptist in my womb. Elizabeth
A clay water pitcher is my symbol since I had my men hide their torches under pitchers when we went to battle. Gideon
The stone watchtower is a symbol for me since I stood on a watchtower, waiting for the Lord to end violence and wickedness. Habbakuk
I put all my trust in the Lord and my people were saved. We left our tents empty; then we went on the battlefield. Hezekiah
An angel took a hot ember to my lips since I said I was a man of unclean lips. I was purified by the Lord. Isaiah
God instructed Moses & Aaron to slaughter a year-old male lamb for each of our members; this marked our exodus out of slavery. Israelites
In a vision I saw a ladder reaching from heaven to earth, with angels ascending and descending from it. Jacob
The Lord spoke to me when I was in exile and I described all my pain and suffering as an endless fountain of tears for those who worshipped false gods. Jeremiah
I am the father of King David and the tree is named for me. Jesse
I was born in a manger to show my humble birth. Jesus
The scallop shell is a symbol of baptism and for me. John The Baptist
Created by: KamBamBino23