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VET 1055 CH 10

Skin Deep

consists of skin and its appendages integumentary system
removal of living tissue for examination of life biopsy
removal of a piece of a tumor or lesion for examination incisional biopsy
removal of an entire tumor or lesion in addition to a margin or surrounding tissue for examination excisional biopsy
diagnostic or research procedure used to allow microbes to reproduce in predetermined media culture
scraping of cells from tissue and examination under a microscope exfoliative cytology
injection of test substances into the skin layer to observe a reaction intradermal skin testing
microscopic examination of skin for the presence of mites skin scrape
injury in which superficial layers of skin are scraped abrasion
localized collection of pus abscess
skin inflammation caused by plugged sebaceous glands and comedone development from papules and pustules acne
bacterial skin disease that is worsened by licking and scratching acute moist dermatitis
hair loss resulting in hairless patches or complete lack of hair alopecia
hypersensitivity reaction in animals involving pruritis with secondary dermatitis atopy; allergies
multiple contained skin elevations filled with fluid that are greater than 0.5 cm in diameter bullae; bulla
tissue injury caused by heat, flame, electricity, chemicals, or radiation burn
cluster of furuncles carbuncle
malignant neoplasm of epithelia tissue carcinoma
inflammation of connective tissue cellulitis
widespread disease diffuse
within a well-defined area localized
blackhead or buildup of sebum and keratin in a pore comedo
injury that does not break the skin, characterized by pain, swelling, and discoloration contusion
collection of dried sebum and cell debris crust
inflammation of the skin dermatitis
inflammation of the skin caused by touching an irritant contact dermatitis
inflammation of the skin and connective tissue dermatocellulitis
abnormal skin condition caused by superficial fungus dermatomycosis; dermatophytosis
superficial fungi found on the skin dermatophytes
abnormal skin condition dermatosis
canine autoimmune disease in which the bridge of the nose exhibits depigmentatino, erythema, scaling, and erosions DLE, discoid lupus erythematosus
abnormal alteration in keratinization dyskeratosis
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