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Class Mammalia, order artiodactyla, family suidae, sus scrofa Domestic Swine
Origins of US breeds? european boar (sus scrofa)
when was the european boar domesticated? when did it arrive in the western hemisphere? florida? 8000 BP, 1493, 1539
act of parturition farrowing
newborn pig
young female gilt
breeding age female sow
breeding age male boar
castrated male barrow
mcrib was a result of a ____________ shortage of chickens
aves, galliformes, phasianidae, gallus gallus domesticus domestic chicken
aves, galliformes, phasianidae, meleagris gallopavo domestic turkey
aves, galliformes, phasianidae, coturnix app domestic quail
aves, galliformes, anseriformes, anatidae, anas platyrhynchos duck
aves, galliformes, anseriformes, anatidae, cairina moschata duck
aves, galliformes, anseriformes, anatidae, anser anser goose
Cornish cross (broiler chickens) white cornish x white plymouth rock, grow faster and larger, larger breast meat yield, more efficient feed conversion, more disease resistance
domestic equids order perisodactyla, equidae, equus caballus (domestic horse) or equus asinus (domestic ass)
act of parturition for horses foaling
newborn foal
young girl filly
young boy colt
breeding age female mare
breeding age male stallion
castrated male gelding
horses roles in our society: 9.2 million in the US, 700,00 in CA alone, every state, 2 million people own horses, 39 billion impact annually, 460,000 full time equivalent jobs
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