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Cow a female after she has given birth at least once
Heifer a female before she has given birth (generally less than 18 mos old)
Bull an intact male after reaching sexual maturity
Bull calf an intact male before reaching sexual maturity
Steer a neutered male
Stocker a weaned animal being fed pasture or hay from weaning up to about 750 lbs
Calving the act of giving birth (parturition)
Beef cattle production represents the _________ single segment of American agriculture. largest
The U.S. beef industry is made up of more than ___________ businesses, farms and ranches. 1 million
There are more than ___________ ranchers and cattle producers in the United States. 800,000
6 Different Aspects 1.Purebred breeders 2.Commercial producers 3.Stocker or backgrounding operations 4.Feeders 5.Packers 6.Retailers
Top Market for US Beef Japan, South Korea, Canada
Calf Any animal less than 1 year old. Calves by NASS survey classification are animals that weigh less than 500 pounds.
Commercial feedlot A feedlot whose primary enterprise is to feed cattle and market them for slaughter.
Stockers and feeders Young steers or heifers, weighing approximately 400-700 pounds. These animals may be on pasture and/or a maintenance or warm-up ration until being put on full feed for slaughter market or being selected as herd replacement stock.
What is an ―ox Any bovid trained/used as a draft animal aka ―bullock in Australia/New Zealand Usually castrated males, but not always *After* development of secondary sexual characteristics (muscle mass)
―Sheep animals over one year of age
―Lamb animals under one year of age OR the meat from an animal <1yr old
―Mutton the meat from an animal >1 yr old
―Wool the fiber that most sheep grow. The wool from one sheep is called a fleece. A collection of fleeces is called a clip.
―Ewe a female sheep >1 yr old, especially after it has given birth at least once. A female sheep <1 yr old is often called a ewe lamb.
―Ram an ‗intact‘ male sheep >1 yr old.
―Wether a neutered male sheep
―Lambing the act of giving birth (parturition)
Range Sheep operations consisting of relatively large flocks, often in the thousands, that graze on native or unimproved pastureland in the western states
Farm flock operations smaller flocks, less then 50 usually, and raised in smaller improved pastures or in feedlots, common in midwest and eastern states
sheep production provides lamb meat, wool, pelts, but also milk, show-bred sheeps, and other misc products
steady decline since the 1940s
in 2007 only _._ million sheep head, a record low 6.2
lambs are being sold as early harvest lamb to meet demand for better quality, lighter-weight lambs
Wool production in the US has ___________ rapidly declined
Main segments of the current US goat industry meat production, dairy production, fiber production, weed and bush management, recreation and companion animals
goat meat chevon
goat fiber production cashmere, angora
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