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Apiculture Beekeeping for honey production
Flower Nectar -> Enzymatic Action -> Evaporation -> Honey
US Honey Production Per Year 150 Million Pounds
Pollination Per Year 14.6 Billion Pounds
_/_ of human diet is from insect pollinated plants 1/3
Colony Collapse Disorder large scale losses of managed honeybees
Multi-etiological multiple causes, pathogens, parasites, pesticides
Domestic Honey Production ________ % to _____ million in 2009 down, 144
Sericulture Silk farming - rearing of silkworms for production of raw silk
What countries have the largest production of silk? China and India
Aquaculture managed production of aquatic organisms
Shrimp production began in the _____ 1970's
Shrimp production accounts for ____ tons per year 1.6
________ produces _____ % of the worlds shrimp per year Asia, 75%
The highest demand for shrimp is in _______, _______ and _________ US, Europe, and Japan
__________ and _________ are developing shrimp production Kentucky and Texas
Main Fish Produced : __________ _____________ _____________ Salmon, Catfish, and Tilapia
US produces mainly : 1. 2. 3. Catfish, Salmonids, Oysters
Dog (scientific name) Canis lupis familiarus
Date of Domestication for dogs 12000 BP
Cat (scientific name) Felis silvestris
Date of domestication for cats 6000 BP
First use of cats Egypt for pest control
First introduced to North America by? European Settlers
Phobia of cats Ailurophobia
How many dogs in the US as pets? 77.5 million
how many cats in the US as pets? 93.6
What are four things zoo species are used for? Education, appreciation, research, and conservation
Zoos attract ______ million visitors a year 175
____ billion annual economic activity related to zoos 8.4
__________ zoo jobs 100,000
AZA Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Zoo and wildlife species used for entertainment, production (meat, milk, fiber/leather, velvet), public sector, private sector
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