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Special Topics

What are the 4 types of catheters? *OTN *TTN *Butterfly *single/multi lumen
Name the 3 primary locations for catheter placement. Jugular,cephalic, saphenous
Fluids maintain ______ during sx. blood pressure
What is the CPR success rate? 20%
Butterfly catheters are only used to collect ___ volumes of blood. Small
What is the most common reason for placing a urinary catheter? FLUTD
What 2 substances will you use to prep a cath site and in what order? scrub(chlorhexadine) then alcohol
How many times do you go over a cath site with each substance? a minimum of three times
What size clipper blade do you use for cath sites? #40 blade
What do you use to flush catheters to ensure patency? Heperin/saline solution
What is the formula for Hep/saline solution? 1unit heperin - 1ml 0.9% NACL
How many times do you flush a catheter when placing and why? 2 times *1st prior to insertion(ensure it's not defective) *2nd after insertion(ensure placement)
At what location do you start to place a catheter? Start distal(above bifurcation and move proximal)
How often should you flush a catheter for maintenance? *q 4-6 hrs if not on fluids *q 8-12 if on fluids
how long can you leave an OTN cath in place? no more than 3 days
True or False: you should flush a catheter before every injection? True
What should you apply to the skin after you pull a jugular catheter? AB ointment
How long should you leave a pressure wrap on after removing a catheter? no more than 1 hour
Def: Crystalloid fluids (normasol, 0.9% NACL, dextrose)
Def: Colliod a solution in which small particles are present, ie: Blood
Def: TPN Total parenteral nutrition
Def: CVP Central venous pressure
How many attempts can you try at placing a catheter before passing to another person? 2
What type of catheter is placed temporarily? butterfly
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