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K-9 Fel clin mngt

Def: Dermatology Study of skin
Dermatosis : Skin disease
Hair loss: Alopecia
Def: Seborrhea Excessive secretion of sebum
Flakes of stratum corneum on skin surface: Scale
Increased redness: Erythema
Def: Collarette Circular area of scales, center is hyperpigmented
Def: Crust Accumulation of dead cells and exudate
Layers of the skin: Epidermis, dermis, hypodermis (subcutaneous)
Canines have what type of hair follicle? Compound hair follicle
What is the bodies first line of defense? The skin
What are the 2 primary skin glans? *Apocrine(sweat) *sebaceous(sebum)
What are the two most common bacteria found on the skin? *staphylococcus *streptococcus
What is responsible for giving the skin it's color? Melanin
Define Keratin A fibrous protein forming the hair, feathers, hoofs, claws, horns, etc.
what are the 2 types of fungi that cause ring worm? *Microsporum *trichophyton
Define: DTM Dermatophyte test media
Staphococci and streptococci are what type of bacteria Gram + cocci
What are the 2 forms of seborrhea? Dry: seborrhea sicca Oily: Sebborhea oleasa
What is the average skin cell turnover rate? 3 wks
fungi that grow on the skin? Dermatophyte
fungal skin infection not involving pathogens: Dermatomycosis
Medical name for ringworm: Dermatophytosis
Bacterial infection of skin: Pyoderma
Lab test used to grow and identify bacteria from lesions and determine antibiotic sensitivity Culture and sensitivity
____ is a superficial bacterial infection also called "puppy pyoderma" Impetigo
Any Area of altered skin: Lesion
Increased pigmentation: Hyper-pigmentation
Wide spread outbreak of lesions: Rash
Thickening and hardening of skin: Lichenification
walled off, fluid filled nodule: Cyst
small, circumscribed, solid elevated lesion: Papule
sharply circumscribed, raised lesion that appears and disappears within minutes- hours: Wheal
small, elevated, circumscribed, pus-containing lesion : Pustule
localized collection of pus; Abscess
new tissue in a healing wound: Granulation tissue
loss of skin surface; Erosion
loss of the epidermis due to loss of dermis: Ulcer
hair follicle blocked with sebum/debris, also know as Acne: Comedone
Bacteria that most commonly cause pyoderma in dogs? Staph intermedius
Bacteria that most commonly cause pyoderma in cats Pasteurella multocida
Superficial pyoderma is most commonly found where? Trunk area
Medical name for hot spots: Acute moist dermatitis
____ can be secondary to malnutrition and poor hygiene Impetigo
Most common gram - organisms found with deep pyodermas? *E. coli *proteus sp *pseudomonas sp
______also know as "deep pyoderma" OR "Skin fold dermatitis" Intertrigo
Medical name for Ear Mites? Otodectes cynotis
How long do you have to treat otodectes cynotis and is zoonotic? 30 days *NO
Medical name for fleas and the most common type found? *Ctenocephalides *ctenocephalides Felis
What is the most stage of the flea that remains dormant in the environment until ideal condition? lifespan? *Pupal stage * 6-12 months
What 2 conditions are cause from hypersensitivity to flea saliva? *k-9- Flea allergy dermatitis *Cat- Miliary dermatitis
What secondary parasite should you treat for if a flea infestation is present? Dipylidium caninum (tape worm)
Scientific name Brown dog tick: Rhipicephalus sanguineus
Scientific name American Dog Tick: Dermacentor variabillis
Scientific name Deer tick: Ixodes scapularis.
True or false: Fleas die after laying eggs? False (ticks)
What are the 2 forms of Demodex Generalized and localized
Scientific name Sabies: Sarcoptes scabiei,
Scientific name Demodex: Demodex canis
How do you Diagnose mange? Skin scaping Skin scraping
What type of mange is Zoonotic? Sarcoptic mange (scabies)
What 2 types of mite burrow into the stratum corneum? scabies and demodex gati
Scientific name for walking dandruff? Is it Zoonotic? *Cheyletiella, *YES
Warbles are ____ fly larva known as _____ *Bot fly *Cuterebra
Fly magots: Myiasis
What 2 infestations are commonly referred to as Dz of neglect? Lice and maggot infestation
Scientific name for Dog lice: Linognathus
True of false: YOu can get lice from your dog? False: they are spp specific
3 primary dermatophytes: Microsporum canis Trichophyton mentagrophytes Microsporum gypseum
What is the most common type of ringworm seen? Microsporum Canis
How long is ringworm infective for? is it Zoonotic? *18 months *YES
Allergy to inhaled substance Atopy (atopic dermatitis)
What test is suggested to identify allergens? IDST ( Intradermal skin Test)
How long should a food trial be fed? 60-90 days
An acute inflammatory Dz of the ear canal Otitis Externa
Yeast: Malassezzia
Uncontrolled new growth: Tumor
What is the most common type of malignant tumor? mast cell tumor
What is the most common way to diagnose tumors in clinic? FNA (Fine needle aspirate)
Where is the most common place for Malenoma tumors? Oral cavity or between the digits
Medical name for Blister Dz? Pemphegus
Where is the most common place for Malenoma tumors? Oral cavity or between the digits
Medical name for Blister Dz? Pemphegus
What is the most common type of Pemphegus seen? Pemphegus Foliaceus
Response against normal components of the skin: Pemphegus ( primary seen in face, feet, ears)
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