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Sheep quiz

Ovine info Dr. Kerns Findlay

What is a Ewe? Female Sheep
What is Dipping? Immersing the entire sheep in water containing an insecticide to kill ticks or lice.
What is Drenching? Treating sheep for internal parasites with an oral dose of a worming medicine
What is Flushing? Conditioning ewes before breeding by turning them to better pasture or feeding small amounts of grain. Done to increase # of twin/triplets to be born.
Gestation period 140-155 days (148 days)
Up to what age is a ewe or ram considered a lamb? one year
What is Mutton? Meat from sheep over 12 months of age
What is a Ram? Male Sheep
What is a wether? Castrated Male Sheep
Ewe Breeds? White-faced, highly prolific Corriedale Finn Merino Rambouillet Targhee
Dual Purpose Breeds? Used either as ram or ewe breeds. Columbia Dorset Lincoln Montadale North Country Cheviot Polypay Romney
Ram breeds? Meat type breeds, known for size, growth rate, carcass merit and ease of lambing. Cheviot Hampshire Oxford Shropshire Southdown Suffolk
Characteristics of an Ideal Market Lamb: trim neck and breast muscular arm and forearm wide chest floor deep muscular loin trim firm finish thick upper leg (meaty) legs wide apart Straight top long rump trim front trim middle (belly) bulging leg
Characteristics of an Ideal Breeding Sheep: smooth muscular shoulders/top sex character(feminine, masculine) Breed characteristics large frame deep, wide chest heavy bone deep full heart girth plump muscular leg strong pasterns straight legs square dock long level rump
Reasons farmers raise sheep: Meat, Wool, Breeding stock- market lamb shows
Ideal Fleece type: fibers- long, fine, good crimp dense, clean, bright black fibers are undesirable
Fine Wool breeds: Merinos and Rambouillet
Medium Wool breeds: Shropshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Oxford, Suffolk
Medium to long wool breeds Finn, Lincoln, Romney
Words to describe ideal Market lamb: ample height, well sprung ribs, wide muscular loin and shapely leg, size and growthiness, trimness, freedom from waste(trim), Straight widely set legs, tight fleece, pink skin
Market Lamb Flaws: sloping rump, weak low area behind shoulders, lacking muscle, high flanks, paunchy (parasite/hay belly), rough wool coat, pinched in at the hearth girth, lacking spring of rib, narrow chest, poor on legs
What is Creep Feeding? providing lambs supplemental feed during nursing period. 17-20% protein, molasses, add Bovatec (anti-coccidiostat, lasilocic acid, inhibits coccidia- single celled intestinal parasite)
What is Coccidia? single celled intestinal parasite that can cause diarrhea, rough wool coat, unthriftiness, anemia and death
What does the suffix -stat mean? inhibit
What does the suffix -cidal mean? to kill
What is transport tetani? symptoms? cause? treatment? stress induced tetni shake, convulse, paralysis, paddling, coma, death decrease calcium and magnesium 60ml Norcalphos SQ or IV, SID 4days calcium solutions, anti-inflammatories, & pain relievers
What are the daily water requirements? Adult sheep: 1-2 Gal Lactating ewes: 2-3 Gal Feeder Lambs: 1-2 Gal Baby lambs: .1-.3 gal
Other random facts about water: Ewes prefer warm water over cold sheep consume 12x more in summer than winter adequate water intake ensure excretion of toxins maintain water above 35 degrees in winter and below 75 in summer winter-warmer water= inc. consumption and inc. milk
Normal Physiological Values of Sheep: T: 102.5 F(102-103.5) Heart Rate: 75 bpm (60-120) R: 20bpm Onset of Puberty: 8 months (4-12) Length of estrous cycle: 17 days (14-20) Gestation period:148 days (140-155)
Daily Manure Production Adult: 6-10 lbs. Lactating ewes: 7lbs Feeder lambs: 4lbs Solids= 25% 75% water
What are the Primary Parasites of Sheep? Skeep ked Sheep lice Sheep mange Sheep bot flies Wool Maggots Nuisance flies Worms(Round, tape, lung, liver)
Characteristics of Sheep Ked: Wingless fly: mistaken for tick, 1/8" long -cause irritation by sucking blood -on skin level, saliva allergic reaction, causes pruritis and anemia, wool damage from itching
Characteristics of Sheep Lice: primarily biting, less than 1/8" heavy infestations cause wool loss causes pruritis biting-teeth sucking-tubular mouth, causes anemia
Characteristics of bot flies: look like bees deposit larvae in nostrils causes sheep to run around and rub nose on ground irritate sinuses, cause discharge
Characteristics of Mange: microscopic, diagnose via skin scraping, pruritus, wool loss live in skin (dermis)
What does Ivromectan do? kill blood sucking parasites
What is an Anthelminic? a Dewormer
Characteristics of Maggots: blow flies are attracted to rotting odors from areas of fleece contaminated with feces, urine, blood, or pus. they lay eggs, hatch maggots, feed on debris, cause stress.
Nuisance flies: house and stable flies annoy sheep and drive them nuts, won't eat, drink, rest.
Worms: Round worms- stomach/intestinal, size of pinky finger Lungworms- will cough, nasal discharge Tapeworms- intestinal Liver flukes All can happen year round and cause dec. prodctivity plus possible secondary diseases
Dewormers: Ivermectin Fenbendazole (panacur) Levamisole (tramisol) Nematel (Pyrantel pamoate) Albendazole (valbazene) Rotate for best results
What does ivermectin protect against? ked, sucking lice, mange, bot flies (orally), round worms, lungworms oral is possibly better than injection
What does Fenbendazole protect against? round, lung, tapeworms extremely safe, give double dose
What does Levamisole protect against? round and lung worms only 10% of round worms Not very reliable
What does Nematel protect against? round worms also very safe
What does albendazole protect against? all worms good dewormer
What should selected rams have? genes for rapid growth, gains, desirable carcass qualities, ability to sire daughters with inc. repro. ability.
What is a key factor in a sheep operation? Ram selection
What are you trying to get the most of in a sheep operation? lbs/ewe/year
Is the best ram in the barn always the best for breeding? no
what does an absence of color indicate Anemia
What does yellowness indicate? Liver disorder called jaundice or icterus
Castration methods: emasculator, clamping, elastrator, western banding
Docking methods: emasculator or elastrator(banding)
What is Entropion? inherited disorder lower eyelid rolls in irritates cornea, causes blindness to fix cut half moon off lower lid, will heal and unroll eyelid
Why should you isolate new animals? disease
Why do you trim and check feet? foot rot (contagious) causes lameness
What should sheep have access to? good plane of nutrition, clear clean water, trace mineralized salt blocks
What should you do with sick animals? isolate and monitor them
What is enterotoxemia? overeating disease
what can enterotoxemia cause and what is it caused by? what is a way to diagnose it? sudden death, cause of death in GOOD lambs comatose with head back, paddling, bloat clostridium perfringens type C and D dipstick urine and find glucosuria
Ways to protect or treat for external parasites? insecticide, "expar" spray, pour, dip
Ways to treat foot rot? trim feet until they bleed make foot bath with 10% copper sulfate and 10% zinc sulfate cover with wool tags make dry bedding available
What are key times to worm? prebreeding, prelambing, preweaning, prepasturing
What can internal parasites cause? bottle jaw- result of hypoproteinemia (low protein in blood) anemia
What is coccidiosis? what does it cause? how is it diagnosed? how to treat? single celled parasite causes unthrifty, poor hair coat, diarrhea diagnosis- via fecal treatment- supportive and sulfa drug; bovatec in feed (only one approved for sheep)
What is ketosis? when does it occur? how do you treat it? twin lambing disease, pregnancy toxemia last month of pregnancy, usually twins, hypoglycemia treat with high energy concentrates (proplyene glycol)
How do you treat mastitis? (blue bag) antibiotics
What does Navel III cause? how can you prevent it? how do you treat it if it occurs? causes swollen navel and joints prevent with dip cord 1-2% iodine at birth and repeat treat with antibiotic
What causes pneumonia? how can it be treated? poor ventilation treat by fixing air flow, and antibiotics
Shipping fever is.... stress related
What is sore mouth? contagious echthyma, orf (zoonotic disease) virus that causes lesions and commisures of mouth
problems with sore mouth? lambs dont nurse, spreads to teats
how do you treat sore mouth? treat with iodine and a viricide (something to kill a virus) (Nolvasan)
What is White Muscle Disease? Causes? problems Stiff lamb disease caused by selenium and Vitamin E deficiency weakness in rear legs
What causes Urinary calculi? what happens? rams and wethers on increased conc. feed blockage due to stones
What happens with Vibriosis? Abortion in last month of gestation
What is done to process new borns? shots- BoSe(IM), CDT(SQ) (2 doses, 2 weeks apart) Dock tail, castrate dip navel cord & colostral intake
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