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Chapter 10 & 11

Opthalmic, Otic, Skin Drugs

Ivermectin Class: Antiparasitic Trade name: Acarexx Use: tx ear mites
Atropine Class: Mydriatic & Cycoplegic Trade name: Atrophate Use: eye exams, tx acute inflamm conditions of anterior uveal tract
Enrofloxacin Class: Antiinfective (otic) Trade name: Baytril Otic Use: tx bacterial infections of ear
Latanoprost Class: Eye Trade name: Xalantan Use: reduce intraocular pressure
Milbemycin Class: Antiparasitic Trade name: MilbeMite Use: tx ear mites
Pyrethrins Class: Antiparasitic Trade name: Mita-Clear, Tresaderm Use: tx ticks & ear mites
Cyclosporine Class: Agents for Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) Trade name: Optimmune Ophthalmic Ointment Use: mgmt of KCS & chronic superficial keratitis (CSK)
Pilocarpine Class: Miotic Trade name: Piloptic, Pilostat, Isopto Carpine Use: tx glaucoma, constrict pupils
Proparacaine Class: Topical anesthetic Trade name: Ophthaine Use: anesthetize corneal surface
Timolol Class: Reduce Intraocular Pressure Trade name: Timoptic, Cosopt Use: tx glaucoma
Cyclosporine Class: Immunosuppressor Trade name: Atopica Use: tx atoptic dermatitis
Bactoderm Class: Topical antibacterial Trade name: Bactoderm Use: tx & prevent superficial bacterial infections of wounds
Conofite Class: Topical Antifungal Trade name: Conofite Use: tx superficial fungal infections
Dexamethasone Injection Class: Systemic Corticosteroid Trade name: Dexamethasone Use: tx allergic rxn
Miconazole Class: Topical antifungal Trade name: Use: tx superficial fungal infections
Nitrofurazone Class: Topical antibacterial Trade name: Nitrofurazone dressing Use: tx & prevent superficial bacterial infections of wounds
Prednisone Class: Systemic Corticosteroids Trade name: Prednisone Use: tx allergic rxn
Silver nitrate Class: Caustic Trade name: Use: Destroy excess granulation tissue, superficial tumors/warts/horn buds
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