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Academia bowl

What is the most common breed of cattle used in milk production in both Missouri and the United States Holstein
How do we identify heifers that are vaccinated against brucellosis? Official tattoo in the right ear Official USDA orange metal tag in right ear
Traumatic reticuloperitonitis is commonly known as hardware disease
which chamber of the ruminant stomach is called the butchers bible omasum
which chamber of the ruminant stomach is called the true stomach abomasum
where would you prep a cow if a right flank pyloric omentopexy was being preformed right paralumbar fossa
which mineral deficiency is associated with milk fever in dairy cattle calcium
which mineral is associated with grass tetany in cattle magnesium
circling disease in cattle is caused by listeria monocytogens
mulberry heart disease is associated with which deficiency selenium/VitE
diamond back skin lesions are pathognomonic for what infection Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae
what is the average gestation of swine 114 days or 3 months 3 weeks 3 days
when using the universal ear notching system which ear identifies a pigs litter right
average lactation length in a goat is 10 months
in swine, use of halothane for general anesthesia is associated with risk of what Malignant hyperthermia
what is the most common cause of abortion in goats chlamydia psittaci (chlamydophila)
the term for inflammation of the urinary bladder is cystitis
high potassium levels in the blood is known as hyperkalemia
low sodium levels in the blood is known as hyponatremia
the antidote for anticoagulant rat poison is vitamin K
the name of the disease caused by the parvovirus in cats is panleukopenia
the name of the endocrine structure which secretes melatonis is pineal gland (body)
the cells in the pancreas which secrete insulin are beta cells
the condition in cats that is associated with taurine deficiency is dilated cardiomyopathy
the medial term for the ineffectual straining to deficate is tenesmus
the medical term for drinking more water than is normal polydipsia
the hormone that lowers blood glucose levels by aiding in passage of glucose into the cells is insulin
the common name for hypoadrenocorticism is addison's disease
the common name for hyperadrenocorticism is cushing's disease
the medical term for a declaw is onychectomy
the causative agent for Lyme disease is borrelia burgdorferi
the medical term for skin is integument
the medical term for itching is pruritis
the medical term for difficult birth is dystocia
the anthelmintic to which collies often have adverse effects is ivermectin
a decrease in white blood cells is leukopenia
the upper respiratory virus which causes oral ulcerations in cats is calicivirus
the intermediate host for heartworms is mosquitoes
the intermediate host for Dipylidium caninum is flea
the type of virus that carses feline infectious peritonitis is coronavirus
the type of virus that causes feline viral rhinotracheitis is herpes virus
the nutrient that is sometimes referred to as ash is minerals
the protein metabolism waste product that is excreted by the kidneys is urea
the type of test needed to check cats for heartworms is antibody test
what does the acronym ELISA stand for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
the commonly administered drug to treat tick borne disease is tetracycline
the type of crystal that can be found in the urine as a result of ethylene glycol poisoning is calcium oxylate
methemoglobinemia is a sign of this toxicity acetaminophen
where should the rabies vaccination be given in cats right hind leg
a woods lamp is used to diagnose this common condition in dogs microsporum canis (ringworm)
how long should an animal be quarantined if suspected of having rabies 10 days
cutaneous larval migrans is due to this parasite ancylostoma caninum
visceral larval migrans is due to this parasite toxicara canis
this companion animal is the carrier of toxoplasma gondii cat
what can cause undulant fever in humans brucellosis
the disease in cattle that is caused by a prion BSE Mad cow disease
this equine parasite is best detected using the cellophane tape technique oxyuris equi
this parasite is the round worm in horses parascaris equorum
the intermediate host for Fasciola hepatica is snail
the equine parasite which causes blockage of the cranial mesenteric artery is strongylus vulgaris
this small animal parasite ova resembles strongyle eggs in horses hookworm
this is the scientific name of the soft bodied tick otobius megnini
the scientific name of the american dog tick is dermacentor variabilis
the scientific name for the lone star tick is ambyloma americanum
the scientific name for the brown dog tick is rhipicephalus sanguineous
common name of the fly thought to be responsible for the greatest economic losses in US cattle is horn fly
the equine microfilaria parasite that causes patch alopecia and depigmentation is onchocerca
what does OSHA stand for occupational safety and health administration
what does the acronym MSDS stand for material safety data sheet
the class of disinfectant to which Nolvasan belongs to is chlorhexidine gluconate
the common name for sodiumhypochlorite is bleach
the season in which horses should be treated for bots is fall
the protozan parasite which causes fetal resorption and abortion in cattle is trichomonas foetus
the species of mite that is the ear mite in rabbits psoroptes
the species of mite that commonly lives in the ears of cats is otodectes
the organism that causes hemolytic uremic syndrome in humans is E. coli
the liver fluke in cattle is faciola hepatica
the counting device used to do quantitative fecal examinations is McMaster Chamber
the agent used in gas sterilization is ethylene oxide
the mite that is called the "fur mite" or "walking dandruff" is Cheyletiella
the power at which fecal samples should be routinely examined is 10X
what does "zoonotic" disease mean a disease that can be naturally transmitted from animals to humans
an arthropod vector which transmits an infective organism from one host to another but is not essential to the life cycle of the parasite is known as (mechanical/biological) mechanical
what is a defivitive host the vector that hosts the sexually mature parasite
in a generic nematode lifecycle, which stage of development is infective L3
what does it mean for a parasite to have a direct lifecycle there are no free living larva, the entire lifecycle takes place within the host
how do cestodes take in nutrients from the host use their large surface area to absorb nutrients
what are the intermediate hosts of Taenia spp mouse or rabbit
which lifecycle stage of Toxoplasma gondii is responsible for infecting the placenta in humans tachyzoite
what is the only protozoan flagellate to parasitize the small intestine Giradia lamblia
what is the term used to describe lous infection pediculosis
what cestode is Ctenocephalides spp an intermediate host for dipylidium caninum
cheyleteilla spp is commonly known as Walking dandruff
in what category of sedative drugs is xylazine alpha 2 agonist
of the commonly used gas anesthetic agents in veterinary medicine, which has the lowest solubility (partition) coefficient sevoflurane
name three actions of atropine increase HR, dry secretions/saliva, dilate pupils (mydriasis)- prevent cilliary spasm, antidote or organophosphate activity
butorphanol is what schedule of controlled substance IV
what are the reversal agents for xylazine yohimbine and tolazoline
which governmental agency regulates animal pesticides EPA - environmental protective agency
to which type of dog should most thiobarbituates not be administered sighthounds
which opioid analgesic is usually administered in the form of a transdermal patch fentanyl
what is the reversal agent for opioid toxicity naloxone (narcan)
in what category of drug is the sedative dexmedetomidine alpha 2 agonist
what is the most common trade name for xylazine Rompun
what is the name of the reversal agent for dexmedetomidine atipamezole (antesedan)
name a beta blocker often used in veterinary medicine atenolol, propranolol
which is the diuretic of choice when treating congestive heart failure furosemide
which is the preferred order of administration of emergency drugs IV, IT, IC
what is the cause of sinus arrhythmia in dogs change in vagal tone with respiration
what schedule is the controlled drug diazepam IV
what is the name of the drug used as a respiratory stimulant with anesthetic complications or in newborn animals doxapram
name two uses for quaifenisin induces anesthesia in horses and expectorant
what is the name of the drug most often found in euthanasia solutions pentobarbital
what sedative drug is often used to stimulate appetite in cats diazepam
what is the fluid portion of clotted blood called serum
This is used to keep whole blood from clotting for CBC’s EDTA
What is the medical term for loss of hair Alopecia
What is the medical term for inflammation of the tissue surrounding the eye Conjunctivitis
What is the medical term for reduction or elimination of pain Analgesia
What lab method is used to detect Tricurius vulpis Fecal
What is a castrated sheep called Wether
What is a “free martin” A female calf born twin to a male
What is it called when the bones in a joint are rearranged Luxation
What does the prefix Hypo- mean Under or below
What does the suffix –oma mean Opening or hole
Is Nolvasan (chlorhexadine) bacteriostatic or bacteriocidal Bacteriostatic
What is a pecking order A way of showing dominance within a group of animals.
What are the three states of a solution Gas, Liquid, Solid
What is the gestational period of a canine bitch 60 - 63 days
What is Estrus The time when a female animal shows signs of heat. When a female is receptive or will accept the male for breeding.
What are the four chambers of the ruminant stomach in order of food passage Rumen, Reticulum, Omasum, Abomasum
Where does primary absorption of nutrients take place Small Intestine
What is nephritis Inflammation of the kidney
What is the largest organ of the body Skin
What is the purpose of bile Emulsify fats and aids intestinal wall absorb fats
What blood cells are considered polymorphonuclear Neutrophils
Calcium plays a very important role in doing what in the blood Clotting
What are the three layers of the heart Epicardium, Endocardium and Myocardium
The loop from the heart back to the lungs is called what Pulmonary circulation
What is the normal heart rate of a feline 180 - 220 bpm
What is Metabolism Anabolic and catabolic processes
What is the organism that causes Brucellosis in cattle Brucella abortus
What can be done to help eliminate Black Leg on a farm Burn all infected carcasses and bury them
What type of cartilage is found on articular joint surfaces Hyaline
When a muscle decreases in size from disuse it is called Atrophy
What is the medical term for a rapid heart rate Tachycardia
When running an ECG (EKG) you place which electrodes on which limbs RF – white LF – Black RR- Green LR - Red
What color is the urinary bladder on an ultrasound Black
What does a capnograph measure Carbon dioxide
Difficult, labored breathing is termed Dyspnea
What carries urine from the kidney to the bladder Ureter
Which species has a heart shaped Kidney Horse
What is the parasympathetic effect on heart rate Decreased heart rate
A hole between the mouth and nasal passage, which remains after an upper canine tooth is lost or extracted, is known as Oronasal fistula
In standard dental charting, how are extracted teeth noted Marked with an “X”
In standard dental charting, how are missing teeth noted Blacked out or circled
What dental radiographic technique is used for the canine tooth Bisecting angle
What surface does the buccal side of the tooth represent Toward cheek
Give one example of a self retaining urinary catheter Foley
Which radiographic contrast agent is contraindicated in a perforated bowel Barium
Which opioid is used orally in cats Buprenorphine
What is the disadvantage of using bleach in cages Corrosive
What does the acronym OU stand for Both eyes
What are the three auditory ossicles of the middle ear Malleus, incus, stapes or stirrup, anvil and hammer
What is the medical term for absence or loss of appetite for food Anorexia
What is the common name for the stifle joint Knee
What is the point of attachment for a non-rebreathing system on the anesthesia machine Common or fresh gas outlet
Name one method of indirect blood pressure monitoring Oscillometric or doppler
Name the stage and plane of anesthesia considered appropriate for most surgical procedures Stage 3, Plane 2
What two organ systems are responsible for metabolism and excretion of most injectable anesthetics Liver and kidneys
Which needle holder has a built in scissor Olsen Hager
Give the medical term for declawing Onchectomy
What is the medical term for squinting Blepharospasm
What do we call the medical condition of water on the brain Hydrocephalus
What chemical substance is released from vesicles at the neuromuscular junction upon the arrival of a nerve impulse Acetylcholine
Which muscle type is described as involuntary and striated Cardiac muscle
Inflammation of the anterior chamber of the eye is called Uveitis
What is the structure of the eye that contains cataract Lens
What instrument is used to measure gingival sulcus depth Dental probe
Parvovirus is excreted by what primary route Feces
Radioactive iodine therapy is used to treat what condition Hyperthyroidism
What is the triadan system used for in dentistry A tooth identification system designed to aid in dental charting
What is the most common benign soft tissue tumor found in the oral cavity Epulis
A dog that is exposed to distemper prenatally may develop what oral pathologic condition Enamel hypoplasia
When feeding a guinea pig exclusively rabbit chow, what is deficient in their diet Vitamin C
The most common nutritional problem in dogs and cats is what Obesity
An all meat diet will cause a deficiency in what nutrient Calcium
The lack of what nutrient is associated with prolonged clotting time Vitamin K
Name the four lipid-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K
The preferred ratio of hours of light to darkness for most laboratory rodents is 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark
What is the causative agent for Snuffles in rabbits Pasturella multocida
What is pyrexia Fever
What does the term nystagmus refer to The eyes moving in a horizontal, vertical or rotational motion repetitively
The regulatory agency that oversees the development and approval of animal topical pesticides is The EPA
True or False: Respiratory arrest is always fatal False
Brain damage can occur when there is inadequate oxygenation of the tissues for longer than minutes 8 minutes
True or False: Waste anesthetic gases are a potential hazard to personnel, but problems that arise are really only for a short term in nature False
True or False: The safest way to transport a high pressure tank, such as an oxygen tank, is by rolling it across the floor False
True or False: An anesthetic agent with a low MAC is more potent than an agent with a high MAC True
Alpha 2 agonists are metabolized in the liver and excreted by what organ Kidney
Ketamine is most useful in treating pain in what part of the body Skin
What is buphthalmia Enlargement and distension of the globe of the eye
What are the mnemonics for the key steps in basic life support and what do they stand for A – Airway – Establish airway B – Breathing – Once every 3-5 seconds C – Circulation – 80-120 compressions/minute
A dog weighs 34kg. Approximately how much does the dog weigh in pounds 74.8 lbs
True or False: Dimethyl Sulfoxide is a safe anti-inflammatory used in all animals False - DMSO is very soluble and can penetrate cell membranes and mucosa easily. Must wear protective clothing ( gloves), when administering DMSO. Not labeled for use in food production animals as there is no withdrawal time available
True or False: It is safe to give feline acetaminophen orally for minor soreness and fever False - severely toxic to cats due to their inability to excrete metabolites
What drug is most commonly used to lower a high blood glucose result Insulin
What is chronic pain Pain equal to or lasting longer than 72 hours
What class of drugs does Ketamine belong to Dissociative
The bacterial agent in Strangles is Streptococcus equi
The sedative that can sometimes cause paraphimosis in horses is Acepromazine
A Coggins test is used to diagnose Equine Infectious Anemia
True or False: Heart murmurs and arrhythmias are extremely common in horses True
How is Equine Infectious Anemia transmitted Horseflies and deerflies
What is the most common cause of death in neonatal foals Failure of passive transfer of immunoglobulins
When is failure of passive transfer in foals treated (Hours) 18-24hrs of age
How is failure of passive transfer in foals treated Intravenous equine plasma
Which lymphocytes are involved in antibody production B lymphocytes
What is the first phagocyte to respond to infection Neutrophils
Which type of immune response refers to production of antibodies Humoral
Which leukocyte is associated with allergic and parasitic conditions Eosinophils
What is the correct term for red blood cell formation Erythropoiesis
What cells actually produce immunoglobulins Plasma cells
Which diagnostic test is used to determine autoimmune hemolytic anemia Coombs test
What does the acronym BUN stand for Blood urea nitrogen
What is the normal urine specific gravity in a dog 1.025
Where is fibrinogen produced Liver
The kVp setting on an x-ray machine controls the Quality of the x-ray beam, shades of gray and subject contrast
The mAs setting on an x-ray machine controls the Quantity of electrons emitted or film contrast
What is the minimum distance (in feet) that a safelight in the darkroom should be away from the work site 4 feet
You are looking at a film that is totally clear except for a bit of black that you notice along the edges. Your film has not been: Exposed to radiation
A bullet fragment on a film appears as a: White mark
A radiation film badge worn at the collar level is monitoring exposure to what areas of your body Head and neck region – thyroid and lens
The most common dental procedure performed on a horse is: Floating teeth
A bulldog would be described as having what type of head shape Brachycephalic
Inflammation of the mouth’s soft tissue is called: Stomatitis
The purpose of polishing during the dental prophy is To smooth out the rough areas and retard plaque formation
The hormone produced by a developing ovarian follicle is Estrogen
Which of these species is an induced ovulator:* Bovine, Equine, Canine, Feline Feline
Adult dogs have what total number of teeth 42
What abdominal organ is absent in the horse and rat Gallbladder
What is unique about the ruminant oral cavity Presence of a dental pad, absence of upper incisors
The hormone responsible for maintaining pregnancy is Progesterone
The structure produced after an ovarian follicle has ruptured and released its ovum is called: Corpus Luteum
The first cervical vertebrae, C1 is referred to as the Atlas
Hardware disease is usually associated with ingestion of nails, wire, or other sharp objects. The portion of the stomach that collects these objects is the Reticulum
It is generally safe to extubate the patient when the patient starts to ______ Swallow
Sevoflurane is primarily eliminated from the body by Respiration
True or False; Nonrebreathing systems are generally recommended for patients weighing more than 15 lbs. False, recommended for less than 7kg
An esophageal stethoscope can be used to monitor what to two things Heart and respiratory rates
The piece of equipment that facilitates intubating a patient is the Laryngoscope
What is the color of nitrous oxide cylinders Blue
The most common artery to use when assessing the pulse of a dog or cat is Femoral
The pressure in a full medical O2 tank is 2000 psi
What is the unit of measurement for insulin* Milliliters or International units International units
According to the American Animal Hospital Association, SOP refers to Standard operating procedure
OTC refers to Over the counter
Snuffles in rabbits is most commonly caused by Pasteurella multocida
Which of the following rodents have cheek pouches *Gerbil or Hamster Hamster
Estrogen toxicity resulting from prolonged estrus is a common clinical problem in which of the following species *Ferret, Rabbit, Hamster, Guinea pig Ferret
Young mice and rats are called pups
Rodents are generally fed ad libitum, which means Free choice
A neutered female ferret is called a Jill
A castrated hog is called a Barrow
A bovine that has been castrated at a young age is called a Steer
Normal voided urine is clear except in which of the following species *Canine, Bovine, Feline, Equine Horses
Which one of the following would not be on a urine dipstick *Glucose, Blood, Protein, BUN BUN
What kind of blood is most commonly used for blood gases *Venous or Arterial Arterial
The anticoagulant of choice for avian and reptile hematology is *Sodium citrate, Potassium oxalate, Lithium heparin Lithium heparin
The red top vacutainer tube should sit for how long before centrifugation, allowing the clot to form * 5 minutes, 1 hour, 30 minutes 30 minutes
A four oz bottle contains how many milliters 120 mls
You just administered 1.5 mLs of penicillin (300,000 U/mL). How many units did you administer 450,000 units
Which of these animals is a common reservoir for rabies virus * Rabbit, Rat, Skunk Skunk
How long does a modified live vaccine remain effective after it is mixed if it is left at room temperature Mixed vaccines are viable for up to 1 hour
The veterinarian notes that a horse is a cryptorchid. What does this mean One of the testicles has not descended.
What size scalpel blade fits on a no. 4 scalpel handle * 10 or 22 22
A surgical pack double wrapped in muslin and kept in a closed cabinet is good for how long * 4 weeks, 6 months, indefinitely 6 months
Which agent is usually avoided when anesthetizing horses: *Xylazine, Atropine, Guaifenesin, Thiopental Atropine-Colic has been associated with atropine due to depressant effect on gut motility
Drug used for epidural analgesia is *Thiopental, Ketamine, Propofol, Lidocaine Lidocaine
The obturator foramen is found *At the base of the skull,In the mandible,In the maxillary bone, In the pelvis In the pelvis
Inflammation of the mammary glands is termed *Hepatitis, Blepharitis, Mastitis, Enteritis Mastitis
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