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day 7 drug cards

chpt 9 & 15

Ovaban Class: Gonadotropins/gonadal hormones Trade name: Megestrol acetate Use: in dogs to control estrus, false preghancy, vaginal hyperplasic, severe galactorrhea and unacceptable male behavior. in cats various dermatologic/behavioral problems suppress estru
Regu-mate Class: Gonadotropins/gonadal hormones Trade name: alternogest in oil oral solution Use: suppress estrus for synchronization or for long periods, maintain pregnancy in mares with low levels of progesterone
Lutalyse (cows only) Class: Prostglandins Trade name: dinoprost tromethamine for injection Use: estrus synchronization, treat silent estrus and pyometra, for abortion of feedlot and other nonlactating cattle
Oxytocin Class: affect uterine contractility Trade name: Oxytocin Use: augment uterine contractions during delivery, aid in delivery of placenta, vacilitate involution of uterus (prolapsed uterus), induce milk letdown, assist in treatment of agalactia in sows
Levothyroxine Class: treat hypothyroidism Trade name: soloxine, thyro-form/tab, thyro-l, nutrived T-4, equine thyroid supplement, thyrozine tablets, synthroid, leventa Use: treat hypothyroid conditions
Methimazole Class: treat hyperthyroidism Trade name: tapazole Use: treat feline hyperthyroidism
Radioactive iodine Class: treat hyperthyroidism Trade name: Radioactive iodine (I-131) Use: destroy overproductive thyroid tissue
Insulin Class: agents for the treatment of diabetes mellitus Trade name: lispro, aspart, NPH, PZI, lente, glargine, detemir Use: treat diabetes mellitus
Physiologic saline Class: crystalloid solution Trade name: 0.9% NaCl, normal saline, isotonic saline Use: increase plasma volume or to correct a sodium deficiency, prevent tissues from drying out during surgery
Lactated ringer's solution Class: crystalloid solution Trade name: lactated ringer's Use: balance and replace electrolytes
Ringer's solution Class: crystalloid solution Trade name: Ringer's Use: balanced replacement solution, contains more sodium, calcium and chloride than lactated ringer's, can be used in cases of metabolic alkalosis
Normosol-r Class: crystalloid solution Trade name: multisol-r Use: balanced, multiple-electrolyte solution, may help to prevent potential incombatibility with transfused blood or added sodium bicarbonate
Dextrans Class: Colloid solution Trade name: dextran 70, gentran 70 Use: expansion of the plasma volume in the treatment of patients with hypovolemic shock
Hetastarch Class: Colloid solution Trade name: hespan Use: expansion of the plasma volume in the treatment of patients with hypovolemic shock
Hypertonic saline Class: hypertonic solution Trade name: Use: treat hemorrhagic and endotoxic shock, major surgical procedures, useful when grain or pulmonary edema is present
Sodium bicarbonate Class: fluid additives Trade name: baking soda Use: alkalizing agent, corrects metabolic acidosis
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