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day 6 drug cards

drug cards

Digoxin class: positive inotropic drugs trade name: cardoxin LS use: treat CHF, artrial fibrillation, and supraventricular tachycardia
dopamine class: positive inotropic drugs trade name: dopamine HCL use: adjunctive treatment of acute heart failure, oliguric renal failure, and supportive treatment of shock
enalapril class: vasodilator drugs trade name: enacard use: treat class II, III and IV heart failure
epinephrine class: positive inotropic drugs trade name: epinephrine HCL use: cardiac resuscitation and treatment of anaphylaxis
furosemide class: diuretics trade name: lasix use: diuretic therapy (in CHF and other conditions) in all species
lidocaine class: antiarrhythmic drugs trade name: various veterinary brand names use: control of PVC's and treatment of ventricular tachycardia
nitroglycerin ointment class: vasodilator drugs trade name: nitro-bid, nitrol use: in small-animal to improve cardiac output and reduce associated pulmonary edema; in equine as a leg sweat to reduce swelling and to treat laminitis
pimobendan class: positive inotropic drugs trade name: vetmedin chewable tablets use: treat atrioventricular insufficiency or dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs
propranolol class: antiarrhythmic drugs trade name: propranolol HCL use: treat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and various atrial and ventricular arrhythmias; systemic hypertension and hyperthyroidism in cats
activated charcoal class: antiulcer medications trade name: toxiban suspension and granules, SuperChar-Vet powder and liquid use: control diarrhea and act as an absorbent
apomorphine class: emetics trade name: apomorphine HCL use: induction of vomiting in dogs, controversial and possible contraindicated in cats
chlorpromazine class: antiemetics trade name: thorazine use: control vomiting in dogs and cats
cimetidine class: antiulcer medications trade name: tagamet use: treat/prevent gastric, abomasal, duodenal ulcers; hypersecretory conditions of the stomach; esophagitis; gastric reflux; and experimentally as an immunomodulator
cisapride class: GI prokinetics/stimulants trade name: propulsid use: treat constipation in cats, gastroesophageal reflux and gastrointestinal stasis in dogs/cats/horses
dimenhydrinate class: antiemetics trade name: dramamine use: treat motion sickness in dogs and cats
diphenhdramine class: antiemetics trade name: benadryl use: treat motion sickness, pruritis and allergic reactions
famotidine class: antiulcer medication trade name: pepcid, pepcid AC, pepcid IV use: similar to that of cimetidine and ranitidine
lactulose class: laxative trade name: cephulac, constulose or enulose use: reliev of constipation
metamucil class: laxative trade name: use: relief of constipation and for relief of some types of impaction in horses
metoclopramide class: antiemetics GI prokinetics/stimulant trade name: reglan use: antiemetic, treat gastric motility disorders. enhance gastric emptying, gastroesophageal reflux
metronidazole class: miscellaneous GI drugs trade name: flagyl tablets, flagyl IV powder and flagyl IV RTU use: treat giardiasis, trichomoniasis, balantidiasis, plasmacytic/lymphocytic enteritis, ulcerative colitis, hepatic encephalopathy, anerobic infec canine/equin
prednisone class: misc GI drugs trade name: many trade names use: treat idiopathic inflammatory bowel dz
prochlorperazine class: antiemetics trade name: compazine, darbazine use:control vomiting in dogs and cats; treat vomiting, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, spastic colitis and motion sickness
sucralfate class: antiulcer medication trade name: carafate use: treat oral, esophageal, gastric and duodenal ulcers
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