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Meat Goat Breeds

GLPB Meat Goat Breeds

Boer This breed of goat originated in South Africa. They are though to have originated from native African goats cross with European goats that were brought by Dutch immigrants.
Boer The name of this breed of goat comes from the Dutch word that means "farmer".
Boer This breed of goat was first imported into the United States from Australia and New Zealand in 1993.
Boer This breed of goat has a strong head with brown eyes, a Roman nose, and horns that are smooth and curve around the head.
What year was a registry for Boer goats established in South Africa? 1959
What year was the American Boer Goat Association formed? 1993
The ears on this meat goat breed are pendulous and must hang smoothly against the side of the face. Boer
This breed of meat goat traditionally has a white body with a red-brown head, or a red head with a white blaze on the face. Solid colors other than all white or all black are not discriminated against though. Boer
This breed of meat goat has mature does weighing between 200-225 pounds and mature bucks weighing between 240-300 pounds. Boer
Boer kids typically have an average daily gain (ADG) of what range? 0.4 - 0.6 pounds per day
What does a mature Boer doe weigh? 200-225 pounds
What does a mature Boer buck weigh? 240-300 pounds
What is a common kidding rate for Boer goats? 200%
How frequent can Boer goats kid? Up to 3 times in 2 years
This breed of meat goat was developed in New Zealand. Kiko
The name of this breed of meat goat is the word used by New Zealand natives to refer to "any meat-producing animal". Kiko
Name 6 production traits of the Kiko goat breed. 1) rapid growth rate 2) multiple births 3) early breeding age 4) good mothering skills with the ability to give birth unassisted 5) resistance to parasite infection 6) soundness of feet"
This breed of meat goat is known for being very hardy and adaptable to range living. Kids are noted for being extremely vigorous at birth and not needing any supplementation during growth. Kiko
This breed of meat goat are large, usually white (although they can be any color or coat type). Mature males have a spiral horn while females have smaller horns. Kiko
The ears of this breed of meat goat are high on the animals head, are moderate length and are not pendulous or prick. Kiko
This breed of meat goat are descendants of the goats Spanish explorers brought to the United States. Spanish Goat
This breed of meat goat is not actually a breed but a type of goat that are small, meaty animals that browse well on range conditions. Spanish Goat
The breed of meat goat has small udders so they do not get scratched up by brush or cacti. Spanish Goat
This breed of meat goat can be any color, horned or not horned, and have different types of hair coats. Spanish Goat
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