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Clin Med II

Fel nd K9 diseases

Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR) highly contagious, URI easily inactivated w/ disinfectants
Clinical signs of FVR purulent ocular nasal discharge, high fever, anorexia
FVR is causes by: Herpes virus
FVR transmission spread by direct contact
Tx of FVR supportive; IV fluids L-lysine, force feeding
Chronic Herpetic Keratitis can become dormant flares up as keraitis cats become carriers
Tx for Herpes keratitis Idoxuridine Abio only for 2^ infection
Prevention of FVR vaccination-should be given at 8wks
Feline Calicivirus caliciviridae
What are the most common viral URI in kittens? Herpes virus (FVR) and Calici
Symptoms of Calicivirus oculonasal discharge, oral ulcerations, stomatitis
Transmission of Calici resistant to disinfectants, active in environment for days, direct contact w/ infected discharge
Tx of Calici sympotmatic and supportive IV fluids, soft foods, Aloe gel
Feline Infectious Peritonitis "FIP" most cats exposed by 8wks feline coronavirus
Clinical sign of FIP most cats have mild dz fever unknown origin?
FIP 2 forms Dry FIP/wet (effusive)FIP
Clinical signs of dry FIP fever, weightloss, granulomatous peritonitis
Clinical signs of wet FIP fever, weight loss, enlarging abd
Dx of FIP Paracentesis yeilds a bright yellow fluid PCR
Tx of FIP none effective after clinical signs shown, prognosis is grave
Feline Panleukopenia "felin distemper" paravovirus seen in young and unvaccinated cats
Transmission of Feline Panleukopenia direct contact w/ infected feces
Clinical signs of Feline Panleukopenia high fever, depression, fetid watery diarrhea
Dx of Feline Panleukopenia LOW WBC!, positive CITE test, anitbody titers
Tx of Felina Panleukopenia aggressive IV fluid replacement, antibiotics b/c these cats are immune suppressed
Prognosis for Felina Panleukopenia poor those who survive immune for life
Prevention of Feline Panleukopenia vaccination best preventative keep cats indoors
What happens to kittens born from Feline Panleukopenia positive queens? Cerebellar hypoplasia
Feline Leukemia Virus retrovirus most oftern in cats less than one yr called great imposter
Transmission of Feline Leukemia Virus saliva and nasal secretions most common, milk (transmammary)
Feline Leukemia Virus may cause? hypopyon and uveitis
Dx of FeLV infection ELISA and "Snap" test detect 1^ and 2^ infections
Tx of FeLV immune modulators antineoplastics
Prognosis of FeLV poor 40% of positive cats will revert to seronegative, 20% asymptomatic and carriers, 80% die w/in 2yrs
Prevention of FeLV vaccince for at risk cats keep indoors
Toxoplasmosis caused by coccidian parasite-Toxoplasma gondii smaller
Life Cycle of Toxoplasma gondii rodents intermediate host, causes mild symptoms in cats zoonotic
Tranmission of T.gondii ingestion of intermediate host migrates to cats intestine
Clinical signs of T.gondii Prenatal stillborn, pneumonia, necrotizing, hepatitis
Clinical signs of T.gonii Post Natal usually immune incompetent cats pneumonia hepatitis
Canine(Feline) Rabies "mad dog" disease, fetal neurologic dz of mammals, most important zoonosis, Rhabdovirus
Who is the common carrier of rabies? bat other; raccon, fox, coyote and skunk
Trasmission of rabies saliva into a bite wound, aerosol transmission from guano
Incubation period of rabies wks-mnths depends on location
Dx of rabies negri body in neurons
Clinical signs of rabies behavioral, changes, hypersalivation, ataxia
Stages of rabies Prodromal-2-3days, Furious-1-7days, Paralytic-2-4days
Canine Distemper named b/c of neurological signs, paramyxovirus, racoons nd wild caninds are wildlife reservoir
What does Canine Distemper begin as ? URI
What do some dogs develop due to Canine Distemper? hyperkeratosis/enamel hypoplasia
Clinical signs of Canine Distemper mucopurulent/purulent ocularnasal discharge, pneumonia, hyperkeratosis of nose,pads
Dx of Canine Distemper signalment, clinical signs, fluorescent antibody test on conjunctival scrapping
Tx of Canine Distemper supportive care- IV fluids, Parenteral nutrition, anticonvulsives
Prevention of Canine Distemper vaccination beginning at 8wks and every 4wks until 16wks
Prognosis of Canine Distemper poor to grave
Canine Parvovirus highly contagious, Dobe and Rott puppies particularly susceptible
Clinical signs of Canine Parvovirus high fever, lethargy, fetid hemorrhegic diarrhea
Dx of Canine Parvovirus fecal to r/o parasites, CBC, clinical signs
Tx of Canine Parvovirus aggressive fluid therapy, parenteral nutrition, antiemetics
Prognosis of Canine Parvovirus guarded to grave depending on severity
What concurrent infections occur w/ parvovirus? parasitism, coronavirus
Prevention of Canine Parvovirus vaccination beginning at 8wks, Dobe and Rott puppies should booster at 22wks
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