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Nervous System Drugs

Acepromazine Class: Tranquilizer Trade Name: Promace Use: sedation/tranquilization, analgesia Adverse Effects: seizures
Amitriptyline Class: Antidepressants Trade Name: Elavil Use: separttion anxiety, obsessive disorders Adverse Effects: tachycardia, urine retention
Apomorphine Class: Opioid Agonists Trade Name: Generic Labeling Use: inducing vomiting Adverse Effects: nausea, diarrhea
Atipanmezole Class: Adrenergic Blocking Agent Trade Name: Antisedan Use: reversal agent for medetomidine Adverse Effects:
Atropine Class: Anticholinergic Trade Name: numerous trade and generic Use: preanesthetic, antidote to organophosphate poisoning Adverse Effects: drowsiness, anxiety
Bethanechol Class: Cholinergenic Trade Name: Urecholine Use: tx GI and urinary tract atony Adverse Effects: diarrhea, intestinal rupture
Buprenoprphine Class: Opioid Agonists Trade Name: Buprenex Use: analgesic Adverse Effects: resp. depression, v/d
Butorphanol Class: Opioid Agonists Trade Name: Torbutrol, Torbugesic Use: analgesic, preanesthetic Adverse Effects: resp. distress, nausea
Clomipramine Class: Antidepressant Trade Name: Anofranil Use: tx of separation anxiety, obsessive disorders Adverse Effects: sedation, tachycardia
Diazepam Class: Tranquilizer Trade Name: Valium, Vazepam Use: sedation, relief of anxiety Adverse Effects: overdose may cause CNS depression
Dobutamine Class: Adrenergic Agents Trade Name: Dobutrex Use: short term tx of heart failure Adverse Effects: tachycardia, hypertension
Dopamine Class: Adrenergic Agents Trade Name: Intropin Use: shock and congestive heart failure Adverse Effects: tachycardia, hypertension
Epinephrine Class: Adrenergic Agents Trade Name: Adrenalin Use: to increase heart rate and cardiac output Adverse Effects: arrhythmia, pulmonary edema
Fentanyl Class: Opioid Agonist Trade Name: Sublimaze Use: to control chronic pain Adverse Effects: resp. depression, depression
Fluoxetine Class: Antidepressants Trade Name: Prozac, Reconcile Use: obsessive disorders, agression Adverse Effects: anorexia, lethargy
Glycopyrrolate Class: Anticholinergic Trade Name: Robinul - V Use: preanesthetic Adverse Effects: drowsiness, tachycardia
Isoflurane Class: Inhalent Anesthetics Trade Name: Forane, Isoflo Use: allows for stable heart rythms during general anesthesia Adverse Effects: none noted
Medetomidine Class: Tranquilizer Trade Name: Domitor Use: sedative and analgesic Adverse Effects: bradycardia, atrioventricular heart block
Metaclopramide Class: Cholinergic Agents Trade Name: Reglan Use: control vomiting and promote gastric emptying Adverse Effects: bradycardia, hypotension
Morphine Class: Opioid Agonists Trade Name: Duramorph Use: tx severe pain Adverse Effects: high potential for abuse
Naloxone Class: Opioid Antagonists Trade Name: Narcan Use: antagonize effects of opioid agents Adverse Effects: few if given in correct dose
Organophosphate Class: Cholinergic Agents Trade Name: Use: insecticide Adverse Effects: bradycardia, hypotension
Phenobarbital Class: Barbiturates Trade Name: generic label Use: anticonvulsant Adverse Effects: CNS depression
Phenoxybenzamine Class: Adrenergic Antagonist Trade Name: Dibenzyline Use: tx urethral hyperreflexia Adverse Effects: dry mouth, rapid heart beat
Phenylpropanolamine Class: Adrenergic Agents Trade Name: Ornade, Prolamien, Dexatrim Use: urinary incontinence Adverse Effects: tachycardia, hypertension
Pralidoxime Class: Anticholinergic Trade Name: Protopam Use: tx organophosphate poisoning Adverse Effects: drowsiness, disorientation
Selegiline Class: Antidepressants Trade Name: Eldepryl, Atapryl Use: tx dementia and Cushings dz Adverse Effects: vomiting, diarrhea
Sevoflurane Class: Inhalent Anesthetics Trade Name: Sevoflo Use: anesthetic Adverse Effects: none noted
Xylazine Class: Neuroleptanalgesics Trade Name: Use: sedation and anesthesia Adverse Effects: flatulance, bradycardia
Yohimine Class: Adrenergic Blocking Agents Trade Name: Yobine Use: antidote for xylazine toxicity Adverse Effects: muscle tremors
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