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Chpt 4 drug cards

drug class

Acepromazine Class: Tranquilizer - Phenothiazine derivative Trade: Promace, others Use: sedation/tranquilization, analgesia
Atipamezole Class: adrenergic blocking agent Trade: antisedan use: reversal agent for medetomidine
Amitriptyline Class: antidepressants-tricyclic Trade: Elavil, generic forms Use: treat separation anxiety, obsessive disorders, fearful aggression, hyperactivity, hypervocalization, and urine marking
Apomorphine Class: Opioid agonist - synthetic Trade: generic labeling Use: inducing vomiting
Atropine Class: Anticholinergic Trade: Numerous generic and trade names Use: preanesthetic to dry secretions ant prevent bradycardia; antidote to organophosphate poisoning; dilate pupils; control ciliary spasms, treat sinus bradycardia; to slow hypermotile gut
Bethanechol Class: Cholinergic agent - direct Trade: Urecholine Use: treatGI and urinary tract atony
Buprenorphine Class: Opioid agent - synthetic Trade: Buprenex Use: partial mu agonist-antagonist (human label) potent analgesic used in several amall animal species
Butorphanol Class: Opioid agent - synthetic Trade: Torbutrol, Torbugesic Use: Torbutrol - antitussive for dogs, Torbugesic - treatment of pain associated with colic in horses. combined with other sedatives/tranquilizers in horses, dogs and cats as preanesthetic
Clomipramine Class: antidepressant - tricyclic Trade: Anafranil, Clomicalm Use: Use: treat separation anxiety, obsessive disorders, fearful aggression, hyperactivity, hypervocalization, and urine marking
Diazepam Class: Tranquilizer - Benzodiazepine derivatives Trade: Valium, Vazepam Use: sedation, relief of anxiety and behavioral disorders, treatment of seizures, and appetite stimulation. injectable anesthetic
Dobutamine Class: Adrenergic (Sympathomimetic) agent Trade: Dobutrex Use: short-term treatment of heart failure
Dopamine Class: Adrenergic (Sympathomimetic) agent Trade: Intropin Use: treat shock and congestive heart failure and to increase renal perfusion
Epinephrine Class: Adrenergic (Sympathomimetic) agent Trade: Adrenalin Use: to increase heart rate and cardiac output, constrict blood vessels in skin, dilate blood vessels in muscle, dilate bronchioles, and increase metabolic rate
Fentanyl Class: Opioid agent - synthetic Trade: Sublimaze Use: occasionally used in transdermal patch to control chronic pain
Fluoxetine Class: antidepressant - serotonin reuptake inhibitor Trade: Prozac (human label), Reconcile (dogs) Use: behavioral syndromes including: obsessive disorders, phobias, aggression, and separation anxiety
Glycopyrrolate Class: Anticholinergic Trade: Robinul-V Use: primarily preanesthetic, similar to atropine, provides longer action than atropine
Isoflurane Class: Inhalant anesthetic Trade: Forane, Isoflo Use: induce and maintain general anesthesia
Medetomidine Class: Tranquilizer Trade: Use: facilitating clinical examination, minor surgical procedures and minor dental procedures that do not require intubation
Metoclopramide Class: Cholinergic agent - direct Trade: Reglan Use: control vomiting and promote gastric tract emptying
Morphine Class: Opioid agent - natural Trade: Duramorph Use: treat severe pain, preanesthetic/anesthetic agent, relieve anxiety associated with acute CHF
Naloxone Class: Opioid antagonist Trade: naloxone HCI injection, Narcan Use: antagonize the effects of opioid agents
Organophosphate Class: Cholinergic agent - indirect Trade: Use: insecticede dips
Phenobarbital Class: Barbiturates - long-acting Trade: Numerous proprietary and generic Use: primarily as anticonvulsant to prevent epileptic seizures
Phenoxybenzamine Class: Adrenergic antagonist - Alpha Trade: Dibenzyline Use: treatment of urinary retention due to detrusor areflexia or functional urethral obstruction
Phenylpropanolamine Class: Adrenergic (Sympathomimetic) agent Trade: Ornade, Prolamine, Dexatrim Use: treat urinary incontinence in dogs
Pralidoxime Class: Anticholinergic Trade: Protopam, 2-PAM Use: treat organophosphate intoxication
Selegiline Class: Antidepressant - Monoamine Oxidase-B inhibitor Trade: Eldepryl, Atapryl, Anipryl (veterinary label) Use: treatment of old-dog dementia and canine Cushing's disease
Sevoflurane Class: Inhalant anesthetic Trade: SevoFlo Use: induce and maintain general anesthesia, characterized by very rapid induction and recovery times
Xylazine Class: Neuroleptanalgesic Trade: Use: sedation and restraint, and to produce anesthesia
Yohimbine Class: Adrenergic blocking agent Trade: Yobine Use: antidote for xylazine toxicity
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