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commonly used conversions and formulas

how to convert % to fraction % over 100 Ex: 5% = 5/100
how to covert fraction to % divide fraction and multiply times 100 Ex: 7/100 = 0.07 x 100 = 7%
how do you write a ratio with a colon Ex: 1:2 means 1 to two
unit for gram g or gm
unit for liter L
unit for meter m
unit for kilogram kg
how many g in a kg 1000
unit for milligram mg
how many mg in a g 1000
how many mg in a kg 1000x1000 = 1000000
unit for microgram ug or mcg
how many mcg in a mg 1000
1000g = ___ kg 1
1L = _____ mL? 1000ml
units of length miles, inches, meters, kilometers
units of weight pounds, ounces, grams, mg, kg, mcg
units of volume liters, ml, cups, tsp, tablespoon, *fluid ounces
mg is a unit of weight
ml is a unit of volume
mm is unit of length
feet is a unit of length
cup is a unit of volume
pound is a unit of weight
how many cups in a pint? 2
how many pints in a quart? 2
how many quarts in a gallon 4
how many pints in a gallon 8 because there are 4 quarts and each quart has 2 pints
how many cups in a gallon? 16 because there are 2 cups in each pint and 2 pints in each quart and 4 quarts in each gallon: 2x2x4=16
abbreviation for teaspoon tsp
abbreviation for tablespoon Tbsp
how many teaspoons in a tablespoon? 3
how many mL in a tsp 5
how many ml in a Tablespoon 15
how many fluid ounces in a cup 8
how many weight ounces in a pound 16
how many mL in 1 oz 30
cc stands for what cubic centimeter
cc is equal to how many ml? 1cc = 1ml
abbreviation for grain gr
1 grain = ____ mg 65mg
abbreviation for dram dr
1 dram = ___ ml 4ml
1 cup = _____ ml 240 ml
1/2 cup is how many oz? 4oz
130 mg is how many gr? 2 gr
w/w % concentration is written as g/100g or any unit of weight as long as top and bottom are in SAME units
v/v % concentration is written as ml/100ml or any unit of volume as long as top and bottom are SAME units
w/v % concentration is written as g/100mL notice, units are not the same!!
formula for creating a solution of a different volume and concentration V1C1 = V2C2 where V1 & C1 are initial volume & concentration and V2 & C2 are desired volume and concentration
How many ml of 50% dextrose needed to make 100ml of 10% dextrose solution? V1* 50 = 100 * 10 V1= 1000/50 =20ml of 50% dextrose needed then q.s to 100 ml
q.s means what? quantity sufficient
3cc = how many ml 3
15 ml = how many tsp 3
15ml = ___ cup 0.06 c
32 oz = ___ lb 2
40 oz = ___ lb 2.5
1 tsp = ___g 5 g because 1 tsp = 5ml and 1 ml = 1 g
1 lb = ___ g 454g
15 kg = ____ lb 33 lb
2 gr = _____ mg 130
12 lb 4 oz = ___ lbs 12.25
76 lb = ___ kg 34.5
20 oz = ___ cc 20 oz x 30ml/oz = 600ml = 600 cc
5Tbsp = ___ gm 5 Tbsp x 15ml/tsp = 75 ml = 75gm
formula to convert temp in F to C Tc = (5/9)*(Tf-32)
formula to covernt temp in C to F Tf = [(9/5)*Tc]+32
32 degrees F = ___ C 0 degrees C Tc = (5/9)*(Tf-32)= (5/9) * (32-32) = 5/9 * 0 = 0
85 degrees F = ___ C 29.4 degrees C Tc = (5/9)*(Tf-32) = (5/9) * (85-32) = (5/9)*53 = 29.4
102 degrees F = ___ C 38.8 degrees C Tc = (5/9)*(Tf-32) = (5/9) * (102-32) = (5/9)*70 = 38.8
15 degrees C = ___ F 59 degrees F Tf = [(9/5)*Tc]+32 = [(9/5)*15] +32 = 27-32 = 59
65 degrees C = ___ F 149 degrees F Tf = [(9/5)*Tc]+32 = [(9/5)*65] + 32 = 117+32=149
34 degrees C = ____ F 93.2 degrees F Tf = [(9/5)*Tc]+32 = [(9/5)*34]+32=61.2+32=93.2
5% solution contains how many g per ml? 5g/100ml = 0.05g/1ml
7% solution contains how many mg per ml? 7g/100ml = 7000mg/100ml = 70mg/1ml
12% solution contains how many mg per ml? 12g/100ml = 12000mg/100ml = 120mg/ml
What % solution is 8g in 100 ml? 8%
What % solution is 60mg in 100ml? 60mg/100ml = 0.06g/100ml = 0.06%
what is the $ solution of 150mg in 1 L? 150mg/1L = 150mg/ 1000ml = 0.150g/1000ml =0.015g/100ml = 0.015 %
what is the abbreviation for milliequivalent? meq
if 1 ml contains 2meq, how many meq will be in 5ml? 10 because 5ml x 2meq/ml = 10meq
If potassium is formulated as 2meq/ml, how many ml will you need to result in 20meq? 10ml becuase 20meq divided by 2meq/ml = 10
To make a 250ml of 7% dextrose solution, how many ml of 50% dextrose do you need? 7 * 250 = 50 X 1750/50=x x=35ml of 50% dextrose
If you add 25ml of 50% dextrose to 1000ml, what is the resulting % concentration of the solution? 50 * 25 = x * 1000 1250= x*1000 1.25 = x = 1.25% concentration of dextrose
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