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Veternary prefixes, suffixes and roots

trophy growth
chole gall bladder
mening cover of brain
myo muscle
cele hernia
spasm contracting
oste bone
rhine nose
prosta prostate
pod foot
periton lining of abdomen
ovario ovaries
oto ear
aural ear
orch testicle
neuro nerves
neph kidney
renal kidney
myel spinal cord
metr uterus
sanguin blood
pneumo lung
phyrango pharynx
micro very small
proct anus
pilo hair
lapar abdomen
intu within
dis apart
apnea not breathing
oma tumor
thymo thymus
costo rib
intra within
inter between
dys difficulty
periton around
contra opposite/against
pyro fever
rrhea flowng
docryo lacrimal gland
oli too little
poly too much
penia smaller than normal
pnea breathign
algia pain
lymphoid lymph vessels, nodes
laryngio larynx
hyster uterus
hist tissue
hema/o blood
gastro stomach
fibr fibrous tissue
encephalo brain
derma skin
cutan skin
cyst urinary bladder
crani skull/head
col colon
chondro cartliage
cerebra brain
cardi heart
broncho bronchi
arthr joint
arterio arteries
aden gland
trans across
erythro red
leuko white
pre before
oss bone
super above
sub below
homo same
hetero different
ab away from
ad toward
a without
ectomy removal of
ography picture of
normo normal
pyo purulent/pus
lithasis stones
hydro water
endo inside
tachy fast
brady slow
it is inflammation
veno vein
phleb vein
ureth urethra
trache trachea
tonsillo tonsils
thora thorax
ten/on tendon
stoma mouth
oro mouth
spleno spleen
rrhage bursting forth
oid resembling
spino spine
osis abnormal increase
ophthal eye
opt eye
mast mammart
hepat liver
gloss tongue
enter intestines
emia blood
blepha eyelid
angio vessel
post after
con with
otomy incision into/opening
macro large
hypo low/under
hyper high/above
vaso vessel
uria urine
megally enlarged
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