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Phenylephrine alpha agonist urinary incontinence, mydriatic
Xylazine alpha2 agonist tranquilzer
Ephidrine/pseudoephidrine alpha and beta agonist nasal decongestant and urinary incontinence
Dobutamine beta1 agonist inotrope and increases BP in anaesth
Isoprenaline beta1 and beta2 agonist inotrope (SE: myocard necrosis) and bronchodilator
Salbutamol beta2 agonist bronchodilator
Desipramine, cocaine Indirect acting adrenergic agonist Block transporters so no NT reuptake
MAO and COMT inhibitors - indirect acting agonists Inhibit enzymes that degrade catecholamines and adrenomimetics
Prazosin alpha1 antagonist Tx: hypertension and CHF
Phenoxybenzamine alpha1 and 2 antagonist Tx: hypertension
Phentolamine alpha1 and 2 antagonist Tx: hypertension
Yohimbine alpha2 antagonist Tx: antidote for alpha2 agonist tranquilizers
Labetalol beta1 (and some alpha) antagonism Decrease BP
Atenolol beta1 Decrease HR and BP
Propanolol beta1 and 2 Tx: hypertension, dysrhytmias, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and anxiety. Caution in airway dz dt beta2 antagonism
Pilocarpine Muscarinic receptor agonist Pupillary constriction Better half life than Ach
Bethanecol Muscarinic receptor (w little heart and vasc sm m effects) Micturition and GI peristalsis Not degraded by cholinesterases
Indirect acting cholinergic agonists MOA Inhibit cholinesterases --> cholinomimetic effect. Reversible or irreversible binding
Physostigmine Indirect acting cholinomimetic - reversible Gets into BBB Miosis and Tx atropine poisoning
Neostigmine Indirect acting cholinomimetic - reversible Doesn't get into brain Tx: myasthenia gravis
Ecothiaphate Indirect acting cholinomimetic OP - thus irreversible binding Tx: glaucoma
Cisapride Indirect acting cholinomimetic MOA = incr ACh release Increases gut motility
OP poisoning Tx? Atropine blocks ACh action at muscarinic receptors
Atropine Parasympatholytic Tx: inflam eye conditions
Scopolamine Parasympatholytic For bowel - antiemetic and stops gut spasms (Buscopan)
Glycopyrrolate Parasympatholytic Pre-anaesthetic (Decr salivation so less likely to inhale)
Propantheline Parasympatholytic For bladder/GIT spasms
Created by: gohhog