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Special Topics

Blood sample should be collected from patients at least ___ hrs postprandial. 2
After collecting a sample, your blood smears should be made how soon? Immediately
Serum should be removed from contact with cells within ___ mins. 30-45 min
If the sample will not be evaluated within __ hrs, them plasma/serum should be poured off and refrigerated. 4-6
Blood smear should be stored at what temperature? Room temp
True or false: you can freeze whole blood samples. False , it causes hemolysis
After drawing your samples, you should invert the tube how many times? 6-10
Venipuncture is preformed with what 2 items/things? Needle and syringe or Vacutainer system
What is the most common needle gauge used for venipuncture? 22g
What are the 2 most important aspects of venipunture technique? proper restraint and immobilization of the vessel
In what region are jugular venipunctures preformed? Caudal region
If your first BD attempt fails, what direction would you try for another? Cranial (above the prior site)
How long do you apply digital pressure to a puncture site? at least 30 sec
What 3 techniques are used to collect a capillary sample? quicking a nail, lancing the buccal mucosa or nicking the pinna of the ear (most common)
What is used to nick the ear vein to gather a sample? Lancet or 25g needle
You must __ the ear before lancing it and them ___ it to collect the sample warm, milk/massage
True or false: Blood gases are taken when a patient is awake. False, patients are anesthetized
True or false: Arterial blood is brighter red than veinous blood. True
The preferred restraint method for arterial puncture is ___________. Lateral recumbency
Catheters are flushed with heparinized saline every __ hrs. 2
How long should you apply pressure to the medial saphenous after venipuncture? 1 min
What is the finger of choice for occluding the jugular vein? Thumb
What section of the jugular do you start at for blood draws? caudal 3rd
What artery is generally used to to collect acid base and blood gases? Femoral artery
True or false: Blood glucose test can be altered by stress. True
In an emergency situation, what site would you ideally draw blood from? Jugular
True or false. IV drugs are usually given quickly. False (Slowly)
when occluding a vein you should always grasp and roll in which direction? Laterally (Outwards)
Define septicemia. Blood infection
What is the most common tourniquet used? NYE or penrose
What size needle comes with a green cap? 18g
What size needle comes with a pink cap? 20g
What size needle comes with a blue cap? 22g
What size needle comes with a red cap? 25g
What is the most commonly used needle? 22g
What size needle is used for ID injections? 25g or 27g
What do blood chemistries evaluate? Various blood levels
Collecting enough samples to run for 3 tests also allows for what 3 things to occur? -Dilution -Machine error -Technician error
What anticoagulant binds with lead? Heparin
What anticoagulant does not alter cell morphology? EDTA
Isopropryl alcohol does what 3 things when used for venipuncture? 1-Removes contaminants 2-Improves vein visualization 3-Vasodilation
Where should pressure be applied when discussing jugular venipuncture? thoracic inlet/jugular furrow
What collection site mainly used for RBC parasites and at home glucose testing? Marginal ear
What do blood gases measure? partial pressure of O2 and CO2 in the blood
What size needle is placed for arterial catheterization? 20-22g
What are the 2 most commonly used veins used for blood gas analysis? femoral artery and dorsal metatarsal
If an animal is stressed what 2 things could alter blood results? cortisol and glucose
What 2 samples should be obtained before any treatment? urine and blood
True or false. During venipuncture, the site is held off for the entire time. True
True or false. An artery needs to be occluded when collecting a sample. False
True or false. Arterial blood has a lower pressure than venous. False
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