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EquineDrugs and meds

Equine drugs and meds worksheet

An inexpensive drug for a fever Bute
You want to reduce the pain of a bowed tendon and use an inexpensive drug Bute
Your horse has a viral respriatory disease but no evident secondary infection Rest
Your horse has a scratch on the eye Gentamicin Sulfate Opthalmic, Bute, and/or Triple Antibiotic Opthalmic
A broad system antibiotic that is expensive and utilized if other antibiotics aren't working Naxcel
First antibiotic of choice for strangles Procaine Penicillin
Need an oral antibiotic Sulfa Trim
Topical anti-inflammatory for legs that isn't an NSAID that will permeate the skin DMSO
Run to Walmart for an antifungal cream clotrimazole
Use in baths or scrubs for Fungus and is iodine based Betadine
Horse has mild hives with no other symptoms and you want to use an antihistimine Re-Covr
Your horse has hives, swollen eyes, and is itchy and you need more than an antihistimine and less than a vet Azium
Your horse has an acute allergic reaction to a wasp sting and his face swells up and he is having difficulty breathing Solu Delta Cortef
You want a steroid to use orally that will help with joins, some people think it helps make horse quiet Azium
Your horse is a bleeder and this is a diuretic that can help Lasix
You need to clip your horse and want to sedate him a little Ace
tranquilizers of choice for colic Rompun and Detomidine
Your horse has Navicular and you need to increase blood flow Isoxsuprine
Your horse is a mare having bitchy mare problems Regumate
The pain reliever of choice for colic Banimine
A liniment that is waring to be used on legs Absorbine
A NSAID tht has to be administered several times beause it has a short effectiveness period Asprin
Your horses hoof walls are really dry Reducine
You need a drawing salve to draw infection out of a puncture wound Icthammol
You want an NSAID that is relatively tasteless to mix in a horses feed and your horse will not eat bute Arquel
The fastest route of administration IV
You have a surface wound on a horse in pasture and need a topical spray anti-infective medication Alu-Spray
You want a liniment that will cool down a leg Mineral Ice
A garden fungicide that can be used in severe cases of fungus Captan
A med that repairs cartilage in the joint Adequan
The least expenssive NSAID Bute
The most expensive NSAID Surpass
Your horse is a laminitic horse with a cresty neck Thyrol-l
hoof preperation that is used to promote hoof growth and is applied around the the coronary band Preperation H
Your horses feet are really tender soled and you need to toughen them Venice Turpentine
Your hors has HYPP and needs the medication for this Acetozolimide
the two NSAIDS you can't use together at a show Bute and Banimine
Your horse has choke and your vet wants to use a sedative Rompun
Your horse has a respiratory infection and can not seem to get over it and you want to help boost his immune system Immunostimulants
Your horse is anhydrotic one ac
Your horse has a summer sore and you want to treat it Predef
Your horse has Scratches on the back of the pasterns Azium and/or Nitrofurazone
Your horse has leg swelling or edema and you need to get the fluid out of the legs Naquasone
You want something to put on a wound, it is yellow, goes on a telfa pad and then bandage Nitrofurazone
Your horse has breathing problems (COPDs) and you want to open the airways Clenbuterol
Vital salts that the horse sweats out and which need to be replenished electrolytes
Your horse has periodic Opthalmia Atropine
An oral antibiotic tha has few side effects and rarely vreates GI tract problems Sulfa trim
A substance that can be used as a cooling agent on legs but can dry out skin Alcohol
Detomidines other name Dormosedan
A product that hels build red blood cells and is useful in treating anemia Red Cell
An antispasmodic that is used in colic Buscopan
A substance that is used on wounds that some people liek but most vets say is too caustic Wonder Dust
A clay like material is used in a cold poultice in bows Ice Tight
A joint injection intra articular
When treating a joint a vet will often use this steroid for the injection Depo-medrol
This is the type of injection that goes just under the skin Subcutaneous
Use for proud flesh on a wound Wonder Dust
What antibiotic is used to treat Potomac Horse Fever Tetracycline
What did we utilize as an IV drip for a Laminitic horse DMSO
A musculoskeletal relaxant that would help for muscle problems in the horses back Robaxin
When your horse has the Thumps use this Electrolytes
Treating EPM Marquis
Your blood builder isn't working and you need to ramp it up Lixotonic
A substance that has excellent antimicrobial properties but is too strong for wounds Tincture of Iodine
A broad spectrum topical antibiotic cream that is light blue and very kind to wounds Nolvasan
A topical antibiotic cream that has been proven to increase the rate of new skin growth but is not used on wounds. it is good for burns Silvadene Cream
Two components of a sweat Nitrofurazone and Glycerin
A counter irra=itant poultice used for sprains/strains Numtizine
Two drugs that are commonly used for colic Banimine and Detomidine
An antibiotic that can be used for strangles if drug of choice can't be used Sulfa Trim
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