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Corticosteroid uses: inflammatory, pruritic, Immune-mediated diseases, shock, etc
Where are cotricosteroids produced? adrenal cortex
The release of corticosteroids is controlled by what? hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis
What are the two groups of corticosteroids? Mineralocorticoids and Glucocorticoids
A deficiency of aldosterone results in what disease? Addison's
What does Alsosterone regulate? electrolytes and water balance in the body
What two drugs treat addison's disease? Fludrocortisone acetate / Florinef and Percorten-V
Name a natural Glucocorticoid: Cortisol
Name some synthetic Glucocorticoids Prednisone, Prednisolone, Betamethasone, Dexamethasone, Methlprednisolone, Solu-Delta-Cortef, Fluticasone/Flovent, Hydrocortisone
Which synthetic Glucocorticoids should not be given if animal has liver problems? Prednisone
Which synthetic Glucocorticoid is safe to use in cats? Predisoline
Which synthetic Glucocorticoid is used in topical ear medication? Betamethasone
Which synthetic Glucocorticoid is injectable and used in eye meds? Dexamethosone
Methlprednisolone comes in an injectable form called: Depo-Medrol
Depo-medrol is also known as: the allergy shot
Depo-medrol injections last approximately how many weeks? 3-4
Which synthetic Glucocorticoid would you use in an emergency situation? Solu-Delta-Cortef / Prednisolone sodium succinate
Which synthetic Glucocorticoid is used only as an inhalandt treatment for respiratory issues? Fluticasone / Flovent
What are some clinical uses for corticosteroids? allergic reactions, inflammatoroy conditions, shock, toxemia, lameness, addison's, IMHA, inflammatory ocular diseases, lymphocytic neoplasias
What are some short-term side effects for corticosteroids? PU/PD/PP, wheight gain, more susceptible to infections, slows wound healing, gastric ulcers
Whare are some long-term side effects for corticosteroids? Cushing's, Addison's (with sudden stop), decreased muscle mass, brittle bones, glaucoma, cataracts
What are some contraindications for corticosteroids? Pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, Vx, immature animals, dehydrated animals, animals with actively healing wounds, animals with severe infections, corneal ulcers
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