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What dutch scientist first observed bacteria? Leeuwenhoek
What type of cell does not contain a nucleus? Prokaryote
What type of organelle is responsible for consuming foreign bodies? Lysosomes
What is the primary function of a vacuole? Storage
What is the ratio of bacteria to other cells in the body? 10:1
What type of organelle is responsible for protein synthesis? Ribosomes
What type of organelle is responsible for packing and shipping? Golgi apparatus
What are the fingerlike projections often found on some prokaryotes used for communication? Pili
If bacteria stains purple it is considered gram ________. Positive
If bacteria stains red it is considered gram ____________. Negative
What fluid is considered to be the most microbial rich fluid in existance? Rumen Fluid
Spherical shaped bacteria is considered to be what type? Cocci
Rod shaped bacteria is considered to be what type? Bacilli
What type of bacteria resembles a pearl necklace? Streptacocci
What type of bacteria resembles a cluster of grapes? Staphylocci
Describe the genetic material of bacteria. Single circular chromosome
Define anaerobic bacteria. Bacteria that does not require oxygen to survive
What 2 gram positive bacteria are found often in regards to UTIs? E. Coli and Proteus
What portion of a single bacteria prevents against phagocytosis? Capsule
Where is the genetic material found in regards to bacteria? Nucleoid
What are the 2 types of bacteria cell wall composition? Gram + and Gram -
Gram staining is named after what danish bacteriologist? Hans Christian Gram
What are the 4 substances used in gram staining? 1-Crystal Violet 2-Grams Iodine 3-Ethanol/Acetone 4-Safranin
What substance is responsible for decolorizing when gram staining? Ethanol/Acetone
What substance is considered to be the counterstain when gram staining? Safranin
What is the term referring to a network of polysaccharides? Glycocalyx
What are the 2 most common gram - bacterias? Salmonella and Proteus
What are the 2 most common gram + bacterias? Staphlyloccus and Streptococcus
What are the 2 gram + bacteria types that have endospores? Bacillus anthracis and Clostridium tetani
Define pathogens. Bacteria or other agents that form a parasitic association with other organisms
What 2 organisms/pathogens are known to ALWAYS cause disease? Rickettsia and Chlamydia
What type of pathogens are primarily in immune suppressed hosts? Oppotunistic
What are the two types of treatment as discussed in class? Bacteriocidal and bacteriostatic
What type of treatment kills bacteria? Bacteriocidal
What type of treatment reduces the growth potential of bacteria? Basteriostatic
How does bacteria reproduce? Asexually via binary fission
Bacteria is known to double every ______ minutes. 9.8
How many daughter cells are produced during bacteria reproduction? 2 (Identical)
What are the 3 ways one might culture bacteria in the lab? 1-Solid 2-Liquid 3-Selective Media
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