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Preventive care

vaccines, testing, parasite prevention

DHPP distemper,hepatitis, parvo, parainfluenza
In DHPP H could also be written as what A2
H and A2 represent what virus? Adenovirus type 2
The "distemper combo" shot DHPP
The "puppy shot" DHPP +/- C
The C in DHPPC stands for what Corona virus
The L in DHLPP stands for what Leptovirus
Core vaccines in dogs include what? DHPP, Rabies
Elective vaccines in dogs include what Lepto,Lyme,Bordetella, Giardia
Primary cause of kennel cough is what? Bordetella bronchiseptica
Lyme disease is caused by what? Borrelia burgdorferi
FVRCP stands for what Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia
Core vaccines in cats include waht? FVRCP, Rabies
Felv stands for what? Feline Leukemia Virus
FIV stands for what? Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
Puppy/kitten vaccines should start at what age? 6 weeks for puppies, 8-9 for kittens
How often to puppies/kittens require vaccines? Every 3-4 weeks until at least 16 weeks old (18 weeks for Rotties/Dobies)
Which vaccine is boostered every 3-4 weeks in puppies? DHPP
Which vaccine is boostered every 3-4 weeks in kittens? FVRCP
How many Rabies vaccines are needed to create protection in cats/dogs/puppies/kittens? one
When is the preferred time to give a Rabies vaccine to a puppy or kitten? With the last puppy/kitten shot (~ 16 weeks)
Why do we wait until the last kitten/puppy shot to give the Rabies vaccine? To help assure the owner will finish the vaccine series
What breeds require their last puppy shot at 18 weeks of age or older? Dobies, Rotties
List elective vaccines for cats Felv, FIV, bordetella, ringworm, giardia
Which vaccine is required by law? Rabies
A puppy comes in for its first vaccines at 9 weeks, when should it return for the next vaccine? 12 or 13 weeks
A puppy comes in for its first vaccines at 11 weeks, how many more times will it have to come in to finish up its vaccine series? 2 more times at 14/15 weeks and again 3 weeks after that
Why should we not vaccinate any sooner than 3 weeks after a previous vaccine? Because vaccination stimulates the body to produce Interferon which stays at high levels for 3 weeks and will "interfere" with subsequent vaccines if they are given before the levels fall to safe levels 3 weeks later
Why should we not wait more than 4 weeks to repeat vaccines in puppies/kittens Because it increases the window of unprotected vulnerabililty
Vaccine antibodies transmitted to neonates through colosturm are absent by what age? 16 weeks
What is passive transfer in relation to antibodies? transfer of antibodies via colostrum
When does an animal experience Failure of Passive Transfer? When they do not receive colostrum
Felv/FIV test should be done at which kitten visit? The first one.
In the Felv/FIV test, the Felv portion tests for what? Felv ANTIGEN
In the Felv/FIV test, the FIV portion tests for what? FIV ANTIBODY
What if a kitten tests positive for FIV? It might be false postive from passive transfer of FIV antibody, repeat the test when the kitten is 6 months old
What if a kitten tests positive for Felv? Then it is positive
Repeating a Felv/FIV test is advised when? When the previous 4 week history of the kitten is unknown (strays, shelter animals)
At what age should puppies be tested for heartworms? 6 months or older
Do puppies need a heartworm test before beginning prevention? Only if they are over 6 months old
How often should dogs be tested for heartworms? Yearly, even when on prevention
How often should cats be tested for Felv? Yearly if they are at risk, and any time they are sick
Can cats get heartworms? Yes!
What is the treatment for canine heartworms? Immiticide (currently unavailable)
What is the treatment for feline heartworms? There isn't one
What is the prognosis for Felv positive cats? Certain early death
What is the prognosis for FIV postiive cats? May live a normal life
What is the prognosis for Parvo positive dogs 50/50 Chance of survival
How is Felv transmitted? general contact- grooming, food bowls, etc
How is FIV transmitted? bite wounds
How often should puppies/kittens be dewormed? at every single puppy/kitten visit, regardless of stool results
How often should stools samples be checked on puppies/kittens? Every visit until 2 negative samples are found in a row
How often should adult animals have stool samples checked? at least yearly
How many months out of the year should heartworm prevention be administered? Every month year around regardless of climate
A household has 2 dogs that get Frontline plus monthly and 3 inside cats, do the cats need flea prevention? Yes, they can get fleas from the dogs and can be a source of reproduction
How long can flea pupae survive in the environment? Up to a year
What type of flea product "cleans up the environment" when administered consistently to all pets in the household over time? IGRs
Can cats/dogs die from flea infestation? Yes- from anemia
What worms can people get from cats/dogs roundworms, hookworms
What is ringworm? a fungus
At what age should puppies/kittens be spayed/neutered 4-6 months
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